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Why I Chose the Print Pression Weeks Planner for 2020

by The Organized Dream

As some of you may know, I used the Erin Condren Neutral Hourly Life Planner last year. If you’re in any way affiliated with the planner community, you’ve probably heard of “planner peace” and how just about everyone has yet to find the absolute perfect planner. Well, in my journey to find just the right planner, I’ve opted for something different this year.

While I did like my hourly planner, there were some things I didn’t. I plan on touching base on all of this in a different post, but it’s definitely worth mentioning that I simply needed something else.

First, let’s start off by going over what the Print Pression planner is. It’s basically like a Hobonichi Weeks planner. It’s a small notebook planner with undated monthly layouts and blank weekly pages as well as blank full grid pages in the back to use for extra writing space or whatever you need it for. It comes in three different colors and has a soft, silky fabric texture on the outside.

It’s Undated

The fact that this planner is undated caught my attention immediately because if there was one thing I struggled with in 2019 was guilt of going a week without using it. I felt like it simply became a waste. I like the idea of having the option to use this planner as needed which means that if I skip a week, I can pick up where I left off and there are no wasted pages.

Inexpensive Price Point

It’s an inexpensive planner with a luxe feel. The price point for this planner is just $20. Toss in the shipping and it’s just about $25. There are other planners to choose from as well with some being lower or higher in price, but this one seemed like it would suit me the best.

My first week in my Print Pression planner!     #plannergirl #ppweeks
My first week in my Print Pression planner!

Just Enough Space

I have a lot of unused Erin Condren planner-sized stickers and kits leftover from last year and I was over-the-moon excited when I realized that those stickers would work in the Print Pression planner. I know that I will have a sticker for {almost} any occasion for a long time and if not, I can still buy them from my favorite shops!


There are a few different reasons listed here as to what made me buy this planner and although I don’t know if it is going to be great for all of my needs, it has me excited to start planning the new year!

Are you into planning? What’s your go-to planner for 2020?

Why I chose the Print Pression Weeks planner for 2020.   #plannergirl #ppweeks

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Shunta January 16, 2020 - 3:10 pm

I love planners and this is a cute little handy planner. Thanks for sharing your insights and thoughts on it.

katie January 17, 2020 - 11:06 pm

Thanks! It really is. It’s the perfect size to take anywhere!


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