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Ways to Maximize Your Closet for An Easier Morning

by The Organized Dream
Ways to Maximize Your Closet for An Easier Morning

For some of us, our morning routine could use a little improvement. Whether you’re a morning person or not, we all begin our day looking into our closets. What will today hold for us? You think about the weather, or remember how the workspace has been warmer or colder than usual. Then you wonder where your favorite sweater has been hiding or when the last time you saw your best fitting, most comfortable pair of pants was. The reality for many of us is that we only wear a small amount of our wardrobe regularly. This leaves our closets filled to capacity with no sense of organization. It doesn’t have to stay this way! Read on for ways to maximize your closet for an easier morning.

Think Seasonal

One quick solution to reduce the sheer quantity of clothing in your closet is to only keep the seasonal items in the rotation. It’s not really necessary to keep your summer dresses out all winter long and the same goes for your bulky winter sweaters in the warmer months.

Instead, consider utilizing alternative storage solutions to organize your out-of-season items and you’ll get an instant space savings in your closet. Which storage you choose will ultimately be determined by your specific needs. For some, packing the clothes up in a rectangular storage bin works just fine in the corner of their closet, while for others, an out of site option that can slide under the bed is more ideal. 

Ways to Maximize Your Closet for An Easier Morning

Let Go

While you’re sorting through the clothing in your closet making a pile of seasonal items, be mindful of the last time you wore things, or pieces that haven’t fit well in some time. It happens to the best of us. We’re out shopping and we love how flattering something looks but when we go to wear it in our normal day-to-day lives we feel uncomfortable in it and it doesn’t get worn very much, if at all.

Whether it’s a situation similar to this or something simpler like the material has become irritating to you, it may be time to part ways. Every once in a while, you take it out and try to wear it but you end up changing before you’re out the door. Try a closet clean out service to sell your undesired clothes online and save yourself from repeating this scenario once every few weeks. This will also help you increase how much space you have available in your closet to organize the things you love and actually wear the most. 

A Lasting System

Now with your seasonal items packed away and the clothing you don’t wear anymore sent away, how do you make sure your efforts last? There are a couple more hacks you can use to keep yourself on top of the contents of your closet. 

If you’re utilizing shelving in your closet, when you’re periodically checking out your wardrobe for discards or swapping seasonal clothes, take stock of these piles of folded laundry. Usually the things worn the least make their way down the pile and stay there. Scope out the bottoms of these piles and see if it’s time to thin out your clothes again. If you have hanging space try out the tried and true backwards hanger hack.

The suggestion says that if you hang your clothes on backwards hangers when you clean out your closet, then as you wash and put away your clothes, return them on hangers facing the regular direction. You will slowly expose the items you never wear. Staying continuously self-reflective of your belongings like this helps keep you from hoarding clothes and bogging up your options and closet space. 

With the closet clutter gone, you’ll have plenty of space to get your organization on! The system you chose will be whichever fits your preference or how it is you think about your clothes. Some people like to arrange by color, because they ask themselves where is my favorite pink top? While others sort by type, keeping long sleeves together or button-ups or work appropriate clothing near each other.

The space you’ve created has also freed up the possibility of setting aside space for outfits that you know you want to wear ahead of time, really saving your time in the morning. Whether you plan that far ahead or not, it will certainly be easier to start your day in an uncluttered closet.

I hope you enjoyed these ways to maximize your closet for an easier morning. If you’re looking for more great organizing tips, check out our other organizing posts!

Ways to Maximize Your Closet for An Easier Morning

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Joanne March 17, 2020 - 10:06 am

I have definitely found that only keeping seasonal items and pieces that I love has made a big difference in finding what I’m looking for. The only times I really seem to struggle is those change of seasons when I seem to need a little bit of everything for a few months while our weather fluctuates daily.

katie March 17, 2020 - 1:10 pm

I totally get it, Joanne! I am the same way!

Adventure Aficionado April 4, 2020 - 3:42 pm

I definitely agree with this! It is hard to let go like you mentioned, but once you do and take away the unnecessary stuff, it feels so amazing to stare at an organized closet!

katie April 5, 2020 - 3:48 pm

Getting organized can not only be fun to do, but it’s a great way to make your daily tasks easier. I completely agree!

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