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Wardrobe Refresh: The 5 Biggest Fashion Trends for 2020

by The Organized Dream
Wardrobe Refresh: The 5 Biggest Fashion Trends for 2020

Ready to pull strings and rock the world in 2020 with a fresh and inspiring new wardrobe? Whether the dust settled in your closet or if you’ve skipped out on the latest trends for something better to arrive, now is your chance to add some excitement to your attire.

In recent years, consumers swung more in favor of “culture-eccentric” outfits, pulling away from cheap, dull or disposable items. According to a “The State of Fashion 2019” report conducted by McKinsey, retailers across the industry found numerous growth opportunities and challenges to create new fashion concepts to target consumers’ ethnic preferences.

However uncertain the industry shakeup and latest consumer trends may be, they offer all of us the perfect opportunity to hone in on what values truly matter and how we present them to the world through our fashion choices as the decade is upon us.

1. 80s-Style Suit Collared Jackets

Last year, it wasn’t uncommon to see businesswomen attending meetings, company picnics or meeting up for special events in full-body suits of solid pastel colors. It’s a massive leap from 2018’s “Rise of the 80s” common wear trends, but it’s expected for some of the old to unfold into tailored suits with powerful or bold V-neck collars and coat bottoms draping out well past the hips. You can pair the look with neutral or patterned heels and pearl earrings, a major jewelry trend so far in 2020.

2. Bodysuit Undergarments and Lingerie

Wardrobe Refresh: The 5 Biggest Fashion Trends for 2020

While you can easily find the latest trends in everyday, athletic or formal wear, lingerie tends to be left out of the mix. Instead of opting for traditional two-piece nightwear, you could mix things up with bodysuits that are as versatile as they are form-complementary. Dress or undress your bodysuit comfortably under any type of attire, no matter if it’s in the middle of winter or out in the hottest days of summer.

3. Flower or Artistic Print Sundresses

Want to enjoy the great weather this summer, despite the latest quarantine measures in effect around the globe? There’s no better way to soak up the illness-fighting sunshine than taking a stroll through the nearest park in your favorite sundress. Patternbank’s New Age print trends for spring and summer combine the elegant flower patterns everyone loves in a sundress with a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors, blending them into a flurry of one.

4. Neon Underlayers and Accents

Inspired by street stylers back in 2012, we continue to see neon colors incorporated into various articles of clothing, apparel or accessories. Since neon naturally pulls attention to specific areas of your outfit, you’ll want to layer it under a black or neutral-toned blouse or within the accents of a dress skirt. If most of your clothing lacks any type of color or flash, however, you can always brighten it up with neon-colored accessories such as heels, earrings, anklets or bracelets. Remember to follow the color rules of wearing neon, suggested by

5. Elegant, Thin and Simple Jewelry

Wardrobe Refresh: The 5 Biggest Fashion Trends for 2020

Many consumers used to opt for necklaces or bracelets with words chosen to express specific beliefs or portray their “attitude of the day.” These days, however, more women are straying from the bold or vibrant jewelry this year in favor of simple, yet elegant traditional options such as pearl earrings or chain anklets. While you can also pair colored stone bracelets with “drab” outfits to lighten things up, avoid puka shell jewelry altogether since it may quickly go out of style within the next few years.

Mix and Match for Added Variety

Do you need to add new life to an old and out-of-style wardrobe? If that’s the case, then you can certainly mix and match each of these trending fashion designs to impress everyone at your next get together. However, you simply can’t complete an outfit without bodysuit lingerie sleekly and comfortably dressed beneath your attire. They’ll keep you feeling desirable and sexy on any occasion, and you’ll never have to worry that you can’t slip out of them at a moment’s notice.

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