Upgrade Your Hotel Lobby with These 8 Decor Ideas

by The Organized Dream
A hotel lobby happens to be one of the busiest commercial places. Throughout the day and the night, a hotel lobby encounters various people like tour guided, chauffeurs and various things like bell hops, luggage and mane more. The hotel lobby is also a place that is passed and uses by the people who run the hotel. The first thing that a guest faces while entering a hotel is the lobby. No matter how busy a place the lobby is, it is the place where guests sit and relax while checking in or checking out. Thus, to make a first good impression of the hotel, it is necessary that the lobby is well decorated and gives out a vibe of warmth and welcome.
Here are certain tips that will help you to deck up your hotel lobby in a way that would make your hotel a memorable one for the tourists.

Use Artificial Plants:

Using artificial plants is a good way to deck up your hotel lobby to give it a fresh look. You can
consider using ambiance plants to lift up the spirit of the hotel lobby. Given the fact that greenery helps
to create a soothing atmosphere, you can consider using fake boxwood hedge as well. You can also put
to use faux boxwood mat to cover up the floor of your lobby. Using such artificial plant items will put
a touch of green in your lobby and thus make the space more breathable and enjoyable. Your guests will
be able to relax sitting in the lobby amid an atmosphere of greenery and will remember your hotel for
this different kind of décor. There is a variety of different mats, hedges and even topiaries to discover at

Make your Lobby Unique in Design:

Make sure that your hotel lobby stands out among the normal lobbies. You can consider constructing
your hotel lobby in a way so that it gives out the essence of your hotel. Given the fact that families will
come to stay in your hotel as well as single people make sure you put a balanced design in your lobby
and combine a formal and informal décor. You can consider putting some bright fish in an aquarium for
the children who will come with their families to stay in your hotel. This will amuse the children and
make their families happy as well. Make sure that the lobby seems welcoming enough to your guests so
that they get a good impression of your hotel upon entering it on the first time. Also make sure that the
design of your lobby goes with the entire design of the hotel. The lobby should not stand out as an
isolated price of architecture.

Choose Proper Furniture for your Lobby:

Given the fact that your lobby will serve the purpose of waiting to your consumers, you should make
your lobby well decorated with selected furniture. You can consider putting sofas, chairs and ottomans
as instruments of sitting. You lobby will serve the purpose of holding various conversation among
various people. So it is necessary that it has enough sitting options suitable for every kind of a
conversation. If you not have enough amount of comfortable sitting furniture in your hotel lobby, the
guests might think twice before making a stay at your hotel. Make sure you interest the guests from the
very beginning of their arrival at your hotel. You can also put coffee tables here and there if your space
permits for your guests who might enjoy a snack sitting at your lobby. The more relaxing furniture you
will put in your lobby the more good impression will be made by your hotel. However, do not stuff your
lobby with too many furniture as it will be difficult to move around then. Keep the space breathable and
yet comfortable enough for people to sit and relax.

Use Proper Lights:

The hotel lobby is a place that will be used in both day and night. Your guests might be checking in late
night and wait at the lobby for their room to be set up. Because of its all day and night use, you should
put up proper lights in your lobby. You should have both bright and dim lights. You can use the bright
lights at the time of the evening. However, late at night you can use the dim lights. The dim lights will
help the visitors at night to relax and will offer them a soothing atmosphere.

Paint your Lobby Walls:

Another thing that you should keep in mind while decking up your lobby is the paints on the wall. You
can consider painting the walls of your lobby with bright colors to create a welcoming atmosphere. You
can also paint the opposite walls in contrasting colors to make sure your visitors have a good idea about
your decorating sense. You can put up certain wall arts as well o n the walls. Photo frames of happy
customers will also serve as wall hangings and will give forth a good impression of your hotel as well.
Do not paint your lobby walls with dull colors as that will give out a dull vibe, which is likely to bore
your guests and dishearten them.

Put your Lobby to Good Use:

You can think of setting up a small cafeteria in your lobby if you have enough space. This will give your
visitors the chance to sip and eat something while they are waiting at the lobby. You can also put a small
stall of various accessories that attract tourist attention. In this way, your lobby will not only be
decorated in a better way but also will earn you some revenue as well.

Following the above-mentioned tips will definitely help you to deck up your lobby in an eye-catching

manner. However, ultimately everything depends on your budget and availability of your space. You
can take the basic idea of decorating your lobby from these tips and then modify them according to your
situation. You can also unleash your creative side while decorating your lobby and make it all the more

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