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Tips on Staying Safe and Having Fun When Traveling with Kids

by The Organized Dream

Traveling with kids can be a lot of work. Making it fun for them while still traveling safely is so hard at time.s. We don’t travel very often, but when we do, we make sure we have everything covered!

I’m touching on just the basics with simple solutions to make kids of all ages happy and entertained as well as ways to stay safe on the road.

Writing Time

One easy way to keep kids happy and entertained it to give them a travel journal. You can make your own by binding loose-leaf paper for them to use however they want or look to resources like Pinterest for free printables that you can hand them to fill out. It’s a great idea especially because it can also become a keepsake. Small children will love to draw what they see and older kids can write in it as a journal of their traveling experiences. Check out the My Travel Journal printable from Embark on the Journey. This one has a bunch of pages to print and can easily be put in a 3 ring binder.


Any sort of easy-to-carry games will come in handy. These could include board games like checkers or card games like Uno. One of our favorites is the Headbandz game. The driver won’t be able to participate, but it’s so fun to play and passes the time like nothing else! If you’re looking to entertain them while having a little peace and quiet in the car try puzzle books like Sudoku or word searches. I’ve found that word search books can be really addicting for myself and my daughter likes the challenge.

Safe Driving

Sometimes when the kids just won’t stop arguing and being loud, it can be hard to keep focus. Not only is it easy to get distracted while driving down the street, but also when parking. Backup sensors in your  car can come in so handy such as the sensors from TadiBrothers.

Have Captains

Traveling with older children? Put them in charge of certain tasks when you’re not in the car. It could be something as simple as having them hold their younger sibling’s hand. You can even put them in charge of making sure that the car stays clean. Small little tasks that older children can do will help you out in a long run!

Whether you’re traveling an hour a way or spending most of your day on the road, these tips will come in handy for sure!

Do you have any special ways to stay safe and have fun on the road? Share them below in the comments!

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