Tips on Pursuing a Passion Project Without Burning Out

by katie

If you find yourself day dreaming about creating a scrapbook filled with family memories, learning more about photography or finally turning that book that’s been inside of your head for years into a real novel, you are fantasizing about what is called a passion project.

Simply put, a passion project is a project that you do for your own personal happiness. It’s a bit meatier than a hobby and one day it might turn into a job that can generate income, but the main rewards are a sense of joy and accomplishment.
Of course, while you might like to quit your day job to pursue your passion project full time, that stack of bills on your kitchen table means you have to find ways to balance both work and your side gig.
Fortunately, it is quite possible to explore a side project without burning out at both it and your main job. Here’s how:

Look for Sources of Inspiration

On those days when you are tired from work and need to find the energy to work on your passion project, reading the stories of others who are making their dreams come true can be very inspiring. For example, consider following Amway on Twitter to learn about regular people who are doing extraordinary things as Independent Business Owners with the home good direct-selling company. Their stories of success and how they achieved their goals will inspire you to make your passion project a reality.

Make your Project a Priority and Schedule Time to Do It

You can dream all you want about writing your first novel—but if you don’t find the time in your busy day to start putting words on paper, it will never happen. Make your side project a priority in your life and add it to your calendar to help make sure it happens. Whether you want to work on it every night after work or on the weekends, carve out the time and then commit to it. You might want to download an app like Wunderlist, which helps you set due dates, assign to-dos and set reminders. Use the app to organize your workload and organize your time—once it is on your schedule, your passion project will be easier to tackle.

Choose Something You Truly Love

In order to help avoid feeling burned out, it is important to pick a passion project that you really want to do—not that you feel you should be doing. If a passion project is not fun in some way, it probably is not worth pursuing. If you look forward to the time you spend working on your project and can’t wait to dive into the box of scrap book supplies or sign up for photography classes, you will be better equipped to get through those days when you feel overwhelmed.

Just Go For It

You work hard at your regular job and are super responsible. You more than deserve to take on a “me” project that is purely for your own enjoyment. From letting others inspire you to using apps to organize your time, you may find yourself not only completing your passion project but then looking for your next one.

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