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Tip Tuesday: Beach Hacks

by The Organized Dream
Tip Tuesday: Beach Hacks

Summers spent at the beach can be one of the best ways to make memories, but it can be a hassle. This week’s Tip Tuesday: Beach Hacks will help you enjoy more of the sun and sand and less time dealing with the bull.

Tip #1: Snack Containers

A simple little hack for snacks is to use old creamer containers like those from Coffeemate to store crackers and other finger food snacks. They’re easy to pour and have an easy pour lid. The best benefit of these containers is that you can reuse them. Say by to plastic bags!

Tip Tuesday: Beach Hacks

Tip#2: Stealthy Storage

Do you need to bring money, but afraid someone might take it? Use simple containers like empty Chapstick tubes. Remove inside part and roll up your dough. It’s small enough to store in a pocket of your beach bag and won’t be obvious to everyone around you!

Tip #3: Safety First

Visiting the beach with kids can be overwhelming trying to keep an eye on them. There’s so much that can go wrong. Using waterproof safety bracelets is a great option in case your little one wanders away.

Thanks for stopping by for this week’s Tip Tuesday: Beach Hacks. I hope that you can get a lot of use from them! If you’re interested in more tips, check out our previous Tip Tuesday posts. Last week, I shared great ways to organize your planner sticker collection!

Tip Tuesday: Beach Hacks

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