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The Major Steps Needed to Transform a Toilet Rough-In into a Finished Bathroom

by The Organized Dream
It can be hard to look at a simple and basic looking toilet rough-in and then picture a fully-
functional and gorgeous bathroom built around it. In reality, that rough-in is one of the key first 
steps in the process when building a new washroom. So, before you get too overwhelmed with 
what’s to come, here’s a simplified look at the steps you’ll be able to use that will take you from a 
toilet rough-in to a beautifully finished two-piece bathroom.
What is a Toilet Rough-In?

Perhaps the whole “toilet rough-in” has you a bit confused. What is it and how does that make it 
easier for you to build a bathroom? The toilet rough-in actually provides you with a measurement 
that will be necessary before you can go ahead and install a toilet. It provides the distance 
between the wall that your toilet will be against, to the middle of what is called the closet bolts. 
These are the bolts that are used to attach the toilet to the floor.
From this measurement, you’ll be able to figure out what kind of toilet to buy, and its size, which 
can then help you to lay out a full blueprint for the bathroom. The part that is roughed in will be 
the plumbing for the actual toilet waste and water. For more information on how to get the proper 
measurement, you can refer to the Toilet Rough in Guide.

What About a Sink Rough-In?

Now if you’re really lucky you may already have a sink rough-in also in place. The plumbing 
rough-in is often the toughest part of a building a bathroom, so having this done already saves a 
lot of time and money. If you don’t have a sink rough-in, this may be something you want to hire a 
professional to come and do for you. Again, this rough tells you where the sink can be placed and 
gives you an idea of sizing.

Framing the Bathroom

Framing will also be another step in the process and will act as the footprint for the bathroom. 
Experts recommend that the bare minimum of space for a half bathroom (sink and toilet), or 
two-piece bathroom, is three-foot by six-foot. Obviously, you can go bigger if you’ve got the 

Make Sure the Electrical Work is Up to Code

You’ll need lights in the bathroom and some power outlets, so electrical work will also need to be 
done. Again, this is a good time to call in a professional.

Ventilation Should be a Factor

While a two-piece bathroom doesn’t need the same ventilation as a bathroom with a shower or 
bathtub, it’s still an idea to have air circulation. This could mean a skylight, windows, or even a fan 
installed in the ceiling.
These are all the major steps you’ll need to take in order to get the project started and start 
building something that looks like a functional bathroom. Of course, from here, you’ll need to put 
the walls up, paint, flooring, install the toilet and sink, painting, and décor to finish it off.

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