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The Best Tools any Graphic Designer Needs

by The Organized Dream
you are new to design, you will be looking for the perfect tools to help you
get the best results possible. There are many hardware and software options
that can all deliver amazing results. However, which ones give the best value
for money, and have the most features?

need software that will be compatible with all the devices you are using and
won’t use too many resources. Similarly, you also want a computer that has the
power to deal with all the demands you make.

Laptops and Devices

laptop, or whatever device you will be using,
is going to be the main tool of your work. All of
your designs and the exchange of finished products will be handled by it,
so you need one that will be
reliable andpowerful.
many designers went with Apple iMac’s and MacBook’s because they were easy to
use and the display is of high quality. However, some are turning to the Microsoft
Surface due to its design making it easier to use with a digital pen.


software you use depends on your personal preferences and also your budget.
There are different types of design software that range in price. At one end,
you can use Adobe’s Creative Cloud; this
is a suite of software that you can use depending on your needs and includes
Photoshop and Illustrator; however, Spark is free and can be used for projects
such as
magazine covers.
are many other types of design software such as Sumopaint and SVG-Edit that are
cheaper in price but may be lacking in

Design Tablets

you are using a mouse to create your designs, then you might consider switching
to a design tablet. There are many advantages to using a tablet, you have a
more natural way of working with a stylus, and you reduce the risk of RSI.
is a wide
choice of tablets available that can suit any
budget. Beware, however, that the cheaper
options may lack certain features or build quality.

Color Library

you are working a lot with print, you may find that owning a color reference
library can be useful. Although they are not cheap, they will give you almost
every possible combination of colors. You can also use it to illustrate to the
printers exactly which color is required buy
tearing out a little swatch and pinning it to your work.
makes working with colors a lot easier, so it will be worth the investment. You
can buy individual color books if needed; this
will also help you to spread the cost.
well as these tools, there are also other considerations you must take into
account. You will need a good mobile phone to communicate with your clients and
preview your work while on the go. While many choose an iPhone because of its
compatibility to iMac’s, there are other good phones out there so choose

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