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The Best Places To Buy Journal Notebooks

by The Organized Dream

Whether you like to decorate, drawer or stencil your journal or just jot down the latest and greatest from your daily life, journal notebooks can easily be purchased to suit your needs if you know just where to shop for them.

Because there are so many different types of journal notebooks out there, it can seem a bit overwhelming when you’re on the hunt for one. Today, I’m sharing with you the best places to buy journal notebooks.


Well, it didn’t take me long at all to mention the numero uno place people generally shop now did I? Let’s face it, Amazon is pretty much the best place to buy anything, right? You can’t beat the prices on most of their products and their 2-day shipping is pretty gosh-darn amazing. When it comes to journal notebooks, Amazon has a great assortment…if you’re willing to wait a couple days to receive it in the mail.

The best bullet journal notebook I’ve seen around town would have to be the Scribbles That Matter bullet journal. It features large enough pages (sized to A5) for anything you need yet small enough for you to tote around daily. If you’re looking for a lined journal notebook, opt for a Moleskine hardcover journal. It’ll stand up to a lot of wear and tear with a hard cover and the pages feature large lines for easy writing.


Target is a great place to find trendy journal notebooks. They carry an assortment of decorative journals that feature quotes, prints and various sizes.

Are you into traveling? They carry a travel journal that is perfect for memory keeping and also features pockets and folders to tote around tickets, brochures and other important information while on the road. This beautiful blank journal is perfect for anything you may need it for whether it’s daily task or even scrapbooking and it’s super big at 8″x10″!

Local Stores

You don’t always have to go far or spend a ton of time on the computer to find a great notebook. I have been to my local Burlington Coat Factory where they carry a good assortment of journal notebooks for way less than you would think. I purchased one of my favorite notebooks from there. I use it to jot down blog post ideas and it works great for a brain dump, too! Don’t forget to check out other stores like Marshall’s, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and T.J. Maxx!

The Dollar Store

I’m not going to lie to you… chances are you can find a great little notebook if you’re not looking for anything super fancy at your local dollar store. Whether it’s the Dollar Tree, Dollar General or even Family Dollar (if you have those in your area), you can find great notebooks that will suit your needs. I’ve come across many different sizes and styles especially around the beginning of the school season for very reasonable prices. I have a small 3″x5″ I bought at my local Dollar Tree to keep in my purse for an on-going shopping list.

These are the best places I have found journal notebooks and highly recommend any of them because they all feature great notebooks in anyone’s price range. The best tip I have when you’re looking for a journal notebook is to first decide what you need it for.

Do you know of another great place to buy journal notebooks? Share them below in the comments!

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