The Best and Easiest Ways to Stay Organized on a Daily Basis

by katie

When it comes to saying organized on a day-to-day basis, it can be tough. There are some days where you have no motivation and other days where you have so much on your plate, you just can’t stay on track. Here are my simple tips to stay organized on a daily basis and hopefully make even the Monday-iest of days better.


Grab yourself a planner. The best way I’ve found to keep track of my daily tasks is to jot it down. It’s really easy for me to throw a small notebook in my purse and jot down a thought, an appointment or something I need to purchase and then transfer it into my planner as soon as I get the chance. I also find that I am one of those people who better remember things after writing it down so it’s a fool-proof way for me to keep my mind focused on the things I need to get done.

There are other ways you can plan ahead. If you’re not into writing down every little thing then a monthly planner is for you. A star or a sticker is maybe all you will need. There are other options as well such as a basic journal notebook. They come in super cute styles and are great for bullet journaling.


Having a cleaning routine around the house is crucial when trying to stay organized. I generally stick to the basics when it comes to this because it’s a lot easier to add to the to-do list than it is to add hours in a day. I sweep my floors everyday from one room to another. I have hardwood flooring so obviously if it was carpet, I’d vacuum. 😉 I also make sure that the bathroom is spotless. Germs and viruses can harbor there like crazy so to keep everyone on the healthy side, this is a must.

Once a week I dust and put away all the clutter that has accumulated around the house that I didn’t have time to take care of otherwise. This includes reading, sorting and tossing magazines that have come in the mail as well as other mail and fliers. I organize and reorganize my daughter’s room because anyone who has experience living with a pre-teen knows it’s not so easy for them to do it themselves. Lol!

The weekend is a good time to catch up on family matters so unless there is an occasional quick closet cleanup or a load of laundry that has to be done, there isn’t much going on. It’s also good to take a day for yourself.

Having a daily and weekly cleaning routine keeps your home cleaner but also lets you keep track of everything. It’s hard to lose something if everything has a place.


It is hard to say this word without associating it with the word “rut” because it’s very easy to get into one, but without a daily routine, it would be hard to stay on schedule. The mornings should consist of the basics. Try not to add an abundance of things to the morning checklist because then you end up frazzled and worn out before your day actually begins.

The best thing I’ve come up with to being able to stick to my routine is to plan ahead. The morning is set aside to specifically get the day started so when work is over and school is out for the day, the afternoon is the perfect time to get the next day’s lunch ready and pick out clothes for work and school  I’ve found this to work fabulously because my daughter also has to make sure that she has her gym clothes as well. The poor thing has gym almost everyday. I guess it’s how you look at it I guess. I was never the sporty type.

If you meal plan then your job is pretty much done for the week but if you tend to play it by ear, the best time to start planning the next day’s meal would be when you’re already cooking. You’re in the kitchen so it will be easy to remember to take out whatever you need from the freezer to thaw and set aside anything else you may need. Sometimes light prepping goes a long way. Here’s an example. Making something with pototoes? Cut them and place them in a bowl of water in the fridge. They won’t turn black and dinner will go a lot faster.

These are a few things I do to make sure that everyday runs smoothly. If there is something that I cannot get done one day I either save it for the next day or use my planner to fit it in wherever I can.

What ways do you keep yourself organized?

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