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Teaching Your Kids How to be Safe on the Roads

by The Organized Dream
Every parent has a responsibility to educate their kids on road safety, which could help them to understand the dangers that exist when crossing the road or driving in a vehicle.
It goes without saying you will want your child to be safe and secure at all times. To ensure you never make one
mistake, take a look at these top tips for teaching your kids how to be safe on the road.
The Importance of Handholding
Young children must understand the importance of always holding a trusted grownup’s hand when walking down a
street or crossing a road. Every time you leave your property with your child, instruct them to take your hand.
Eventually, they will automatically reach for you when walking outside of the home.

Teach Your Kids to Stop at a Road

Most parents will fear their children crossing the road at the wrong moment, as they might run out for a ball or a
friend on the other side of the street. For this reason, you must teach your kids from a young age that they must stop
at the side of a road and wait to cross with an adult. You should then encourage your children to look both ways to
ensure the coast is clear before crossing over in a quick, calm manner.
Take the Time to Explain Street Signs
To prevent your child from making a big mistake on a sidewalk or road, take the time to explain the meaning of
different street signs. Point out different signs as you walk from A to B and regularly test their knowledge to see how
much they have learned.

For example, discuss:

  • Stop signs
  • Street signs
  • Crosswalk signs

Continue with the process each day until they have answered all your questions correctly, and then regularly refresh
their knowledge to ensure the information is embedded in their mind.


Discuss the Purpose of Traffic Signals
While you might take traffic lights for granted, your kids will not understand the meaning behind the colors or
symbols. Not only should you educate your son or daughter about the different street colors when walking down a
street, but you could use flash cards to help them learn about road safety within the home.
Discuss Road Safety with Your Older Children
Children grow up so quickly. One day you’re holding their hand on the way to school and the next they are driving
their own vehicle. However, while they might have secured their driver’s license, they still might not be fully aware
of the dangers on the road.
It’s natural for a parent to fear their adult kids driving a car or motorbike for the first time, which is why you must
discuss the different hazards they could encounter. For example, many drivers can ignore a motorcyclist’s right of
way, which could lead to a collision. As a result, a motorcyclist could be seriously or fatally injured. On the other
hand, your child could also choose to drive a motorbike and be involved in a collision. If such an accident does occur,
you can have peace of mind by making a claim with companies such as The Compensation Experts.
It doesn’t matter if your kids are 3 or 23, you will want to protect them as much as possible on the road. It is,
therefore, important to discuss the potential hazards that could pose a risk to theirs and others’ health and
wellbeing. By improving your child’s knowledge, they will be less likely to make a mistake when crossing the road,
playing near a street or driving a vehicle for the first time.

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