Sticker Organization: How I Organize My Planner Stickers

by katie

I have been enjoying decorating my planner. I officially started at the beginning of the year and have built up a good amount of stickers since. I’m not going to lie…it became pretty addicting because you see something you absolutely adore and you just have to have it!

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Corralling all of those sticker sheets became monotonous to say the least and I decided that I needed to organize them once and for all. I know that there are a lot of ways to organize sticker sheets. I have seen many. I really liked the idea of  using a binder. I went to Amazon, searched for binders and found the perfect one.

I love rose gold and this binder caught my eye immediately. I really like the size of it as well. It’s a 1 inch binder that measures about 10″ x7″. It fits perfectly in my file folder next to my planner. Oh, and did I mention it was only $5!

Because this is a smaller binder, regular sized page protectors wouldn’t fit so I made my own. I used the acetate dashboard from my Carpe Diem as a template to cut out the size I needed from a standard sized page protector. I used decorative washi tape to seal the edge and punched holes. I store my kits back to back and separate them using a piece o cardstock.

I also used my dashboard to cut pieces of cardstock to size and punched holes as well for my functional stickers. I simply adhered each sheet with double sided tape. They’re all easily at hand and won’t become bent or destroyed. ?

I’ve been using this binder for about 3 months now and absolutely suggest this option because it works so well! Whenever I decorate my weekly spreads, I just take it out and flip through the pages to take what I need. ?

Whether you use stickers for your planner or in your crafts, keeping them organized is important, right? What ways do you suggest? Share them with me if you have any below!

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