Repurposed Candle Containers

by katie

Hello there! Thanks for joining me here today. In this post I’m going to share with you the repurposed candle containers I have in my bathroom. I recieved these candles for Christmas a couple of years ago. One was used that season and the other was used this past year. I’m just one of those people who burn candles around the time of year they’re scented for. Originally, the containers were from Bath and Body Works…Sugar Cookie and Ginger Bread. I loved both of them and when they were gone, I shed a tear, but I moved on quickly when I realized that I could recycle the containers for bathroom essentials.

There’s no real trick to getting the candle out in either of these cases. I just used a butter knife and gouged the wax out. I know you’re probably thinking that I created a mess in the process, but to my surprise, the wax came out in large chunks. Yay for no mess! I’m sure there are plenty of better ways to remove it, though. Pinterest is the best place to find out. Next, I just washed the containers so there was no excess was wax residue and dried well. I placed Q-Tips in one and cotton balls in the other. They work out great and every-so-often, when I remove the lids, I can still faintly smell the scent of the candles. 🙂

This is obviously a cheap alternative to similar containers in stores. Seriously though! It was 100% free to make these. 😀

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