Organized Corner Office Nook and DIY Storage

by katie

Today I want to share with you how I organized a little corner office space. I have a desk, but with it being used by more than one person, I thought that this would be my little space for my things such as blogging material and the things I keep track of such as bills and medical information.
I’ve owned this filing cabinet/table for a while. I ordered this cabinet from LTD Commodities a few years ago for $25. They no longer have this in stock, but they have a lot of great products for reasonable prices. It’s original intention is to hold a printer, but I decided to utilize the space for the things I need the most. Included in this post will be a mini tutorial on how I organized a decorative storage box to keep the small items neat and tidy.

Below are pictures to show you each place.

 This is the overall look.
This is the top where I keep my catalogs and magazines and the plant I received for Mother’s Day.
This is a close up look inside of my storage box. I have all of the basic office supplies: stapler, push pins, paper clips, tape, highlighters, letter opener, etc. I also store my checks and some envelopes in here as well.
This is a look inside the cabinet. You will also see my blog binder. This binder works wonders. At some point, I will show a detailed look inside.
I love these file folders. The colors are bright and they were super inexpensive, only $1 for a pack of three. I use these for all of my blog-related papers.
Now, on to the mini tutorial I told you about. I came up with this idea because I couldn’t find useful containers to put inside. This, while temporary, serves it’s purpose and looks a lot better than everything just thrown inside.
I hope that you’ve enjoyed this little tour of my corner office. How do you organize your office?
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