Operation Organize: Medicine Cabinet

by katie

Happy Wednesday and welcome back!  Today’s post is about organizing a medicine cabinet. For a while, I was getting really annoyed day to day trying to find something I needed without creating a gigantic mess. Finally, I said enough is enough! So, a quick trip to the local dollar store it was to buy some skinny baskets to corral the mess and tame my frustration. The baskets came in a three pack and worked out great. The green wasn’t my favorite, but who’s going to see it?

 I try to keep most of the everyday items in here. Some things, after I organized it, went into my linen closet. So, far, no complaints and since everything is in sight and within reach, I’ve even cut some time getting ready everyday. Awesome!

 I have the type with the sliding doors and this makes it somewhat easier since the shelves go straight across. Check out the images below to peep my organized medicine cabinet.

  • This is the cabinet I was referring to with the sliding doors. It’s just your standard medicine cabinet but it’s much bigger than those with the pull-open door.
  • Starting on the right side where I keep all of my things, I have all of my everyday items, some extra body wash and lotion (Sweet Pea from Bath and Body Works- my fave), body spray and perfume too tall to go with the others and my Avon Foot Works foot mask (works great!).
  • This basket holds medicines, floss and miscellaneous items.

  • This entire basket is where I store all of my perfumes. I chose to put them in here because it was too much clutter in my bedroom and at least they’re at hand since I like to switch up my scent on a daily/weekly basis.
  • The left side is for the manly things. The bottom shelf is for large medicines and first aid, body sprays, after shave and deodorant.
  • Combs an extra razor and some spare contact cases are stored here. I tilted for a better view.
  • The last and final shelf is where the razor stuff is, shaving cream and a random Avon bath ‘thing’. I forgot what they’re called. 
Can’t get enough bathroom organization? Here’s my previous bathroom post on how I  repurposed candle containers. Thanks for reading!

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