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Neutral Farmhouse Coffee Nook Essentials

by The Organized Dream

If you love coffee, creating a coffee nook in your home is a must. If you’re a farmhouse decor enthusiast, then this post is right up your alley! I’ve come up with a list of coffee nook essentials that will not only add a little farmhouse charm, but will also make that cup of coffee so much better!

Some of the basic essentials include a table to house all the things you need for your daily cups o’ Joe, a mug rack for easy storage and access to your favorite mugs, canisters to keep your coffee at hand and (of course) some Rae Dunn!

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You’ll find a list of each item below. They’re all conveniently available on Amazon. With 2-day shipping, you can get your coffee nook put together in no time!

Farmhouse style decor essentials for your coffee nook.

Table in Washed Gray   $202

3- Tiered Galvanized Tray  $31.50

Keurig in Sandy Pearl  $119

Neutral Tea Towels  $18.89

Barnwood Coffee Sign  $27.99

Today is a Good Day for a Good Day Sign  $22.99

Mug Rack  $22.47

White Canisters  $29.51

Happy Rae Dunn Mug  $18.00

Tea Rae Dunn Mug  $17.78

What other essentials would you include in a coffee nook? Share them in the comments below!

Farmhouse style essentials for your coffee nook.

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