My Word of the Year 2018

by The Organized Dream

I feel like this past year I was stagnant. I just don’t feel like I was committed to any one thing with my whole being. I just sort of…well, felt all over the place too much to be organized and concise with my work. For 2018, I thought I’d do something different and choose a Word of the Year for myself.

And it is…

I chose this as my word because I feel like it will inspire me to take that extra step and do what I plan for myself. I have a lot of ambition but sometimes (like most people) lack the motivation.

I decided this was something I wanted to try because there were a few bloggers and vloggers that I’ve come across in 2017 that had a word of the year and it really did do something for them. Not all of them used their word of the year for their business. Some had a more personal connection with the idea, but I thought of it as the perfect opportunity to give me the inspiration I needed to make my blog, shop and everything else GROW. I’m setting my mind to working hard on become better than it was yesterday.


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