The Organized Dream

My Four Favorite Staple Fashion Pieces for Fall and Winter

by The Organized Dream

Believe it or not, the weather around here has yet to get chilly enough for what I’m about to share with you, but sooner or later, I’m going to need them and this is probably the best time as any to share with you my favorite staple fashion pieces for the fall and winter. I’m a simple person and tend to not go crazy with my everyday wardrobe because, well, I’m a mom with more important things on my to-do list than being ultra stylish. If you have kids, you know what I mean.


This is an obvious one, but my favorite type would be the ones a little more form fitting. I do enjoy a loose sweater here and there, but I’m so tiny that wearing those awesome boyfriend sweaters just don’t look right.


Puffer Vests

I love puffer vests because they give you just the right amount of warmth on those days where it gets a little warmer in the afternoon and cooler in the evening. The thing I like most is that there are a ton of colors to choose from so you can wear all black and throw on a bright vest and it looks put together.

Puffer Vests

Knee High Boots

I always felt like I was too short to wear these and..well, I was probably right but they keep my legs and feet so warm and toasty there is no way I’d give them up now!

knee high boots


I’ve tried the fabulous blanket scarf and it looked like I took my comforter and wrapped it around my neck because I’m just so darn little. It didn’t look right at all. I do like the way it looks draped over my shoulders an belted at the waist. This is a great cape alternative! I really love infinity scarves though.


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