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Must-Have Yoga Gear for Beginners

by The Organized Dream
Must-Have Yoga Gear for the Beginner

If you’re looking to get into a new form of exercise and you’re thinking about Yoga, you might be wondering just what exactly you need. Here’s a list of must-have yoga gear for the beginners to get you started.

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1. This is the same yoga mat I use only with a different pattern. There are multiple styles available and the price is just right!

2. To enhance your stretches and flexability, you’ll need a yoga stretch band. I recommend this particular band because it’s soft on the skin and comes in a fairly good length to suit most people.

3. Yoga socks are optional, but help with keeping your traction on the mat. I swear by my Kate Spade barre socks, but these are a great alternative.

4. Yoga blocks are an essential yoga accessory because it helps with various moves if you’re not that flexible or to help with certain yoga poses if you’re having trouble.

5. While a yoga mat bag may not be a complete must-have, it is a good thing to have on hand if you plan to participate in yoga classes. This particular bag offers room for your mat and has additional pockets for storing other things you may need.

6. Yoga blankets are a must if you like to do your yoga outside because it will prevent your mat from getting dirty, but also can be used on it’s own.

7. If you struggle with knee comfort in general or have tried yoga and feel like you need a little extra cushion, a knee pad is a great option.

8. A yoga cushion can be used for more than just mediation. For those who may need a little more head support during certain poses such as the child’s pose, a cushion is a must.

This list of must-have yoga gear beginners will get you started with everything you may need. They’re ideal for home or during class. If you’re looking for online yoga classes, check out my 15 Free Workout Programs During quarantine post. *Please note that this post will contain deals that might not be available anymore, but it’s a great list of resources to find the perfect yoga class for you!

Other great items for yoga beginners include water bottles, yoga clothing and more. You can find more inspiration down below!

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