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Most Romantic Cities In The World

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Some destinations boast sights, well-kept sandy beaches or a pleasantly mild climate. However, if you want to treat yourself and your partner to a romantic vacation, you must take a closer look at a potential destination. You will then be able to discover new and mysterious places where you can feel and experience the romance with every breath. Some of these places are world famous; others may be less popular but still very attractive. However, all have one thing in common, because “love is just in the air.” Here are some of them.

In the middle of Tuscany lies the central Italian city of Florence, which is particularly characterized by the Renaissance architecture, such as the Santa Maria del Fiore or the Ponte Vecchio. With delicious food and wine, couples can enjoy themselves in Piazza Della Signoria.
The Maldives is another very popular destination among couples. Breathtakingly beautiful sunsets against a magnificent natural backdrop are the blueprint for a romantic time with your partner. The Maldives also promise an eventful and at the same time romantic stay; the rich cultural heritage and culinary customs of this archipelago complete this destination perfectly.
One of the most famous cities for romantic hours is the ‘city of love’, as Paris is often called. This metropolis on the Seine has always been a popular destination for lovers. The Eiffel Tower, located in the heart of Paris, is one of the timelessly beautiful landmarks of the city. If you are after a historical tour, try visiting the world – famous “Sacre – Coeur,” the church that towers high on Montmartre, which is also a symbol of ”Love and eternal bondage” for many people. However, for a more adventurous historical tour, the catacombs tour may be more suitable; not as romantic, but still very interesting.
Who thinks of romancing in Italy, almost automatically has the image of Venice with its many waterways and romantic gondola rides in mind. Venice is often referred to as the “Eternal City” and so it goes without saying that interpersonal love could last forever. During a romantic dinner with beautiful music and candlelight, the hectic of everyday life seems to be blown away and the “Amore” takes its place. Couples that are in love, from all over the world spend their honeymoon in Venice because this place has many things to see and do that makes hearts beat faster.
Hawaii offers a beautiful dream setting, culinary delights and a long island tradition, which is probably unique in this form worldwide. Every year, the beautiful Hawaiian islands such as Kauai and Honolulu attracts countless couples who want to be married and give their vows for eternity. This is not surprising, because, for many, this island has precisely what makes a perfect wedding or a successful love holiday. Rest, relaxation and a lot of time for romantic hours can be found in Hawaii.
A very special Greek charm characterizes the island of Corfu in the Ionian Sea with the same name town. The agricultural variety, the beautiful beaches, and the small port cities offer couples many opportunities to unwind.
Each end is known to always a fresh start. If you want to travel the world together with your partner, then Ushuaia, Argentina is the place for you. Ushuaia is the world’s most southerly location, almost the “end of the world.” This city is synonymous with many lovers for what they want to leave behind. Also as a place of a new beginning or as a place of eternal love, it is appreciated by lovers. To put into words the magic of Ushuaia is difficult – after all, love is also difficult to put into words.
Another cosmopolitan city with a heart is the beautiful Vienna on the blue Danube. Austria impresses in general by magnificent natural scenery and a unique charm. The beautiful parks in and around Vienna invite to long romantic walks. Magnificent castles such as the Vienna Hofburg in the city center enchant with a unique ambiance. The highlight for lovers, however, is undoubtedly a romantic carriage ride through Vienna. Especially in winter, these rides are a unique experience as the city reveals all its romantic potential at this time of the year.
Budapest is a city of incredible architecture and magnificent castles. In the old town are many small romantic restaurants and branched streets. Hungarian zest for life is omnipresent in Budapest and is merely contagious and invigorating. Yet this city is modern, young yet traditional and down-to-earth. Just a place to fall in love with!
Las Vegas
Las Vegas is known for its countless casinos, the many spectacular shows and not least for the so-called “Little White Chapels.” For many, this multicultural metropolis in Nevada is considered a place of quick money, but Las Vegas also has a lot of things in store for those in love. The small churches that are located on almost every street corner in Las Vegas are perfect for proving spontaneity or “on the spot” marriages. This spontaneity is probably the charm of this place because this form of marriage is unique in the world.
New York
New York is always worth a visit, not only for couples. This city undoubtedly offers everything a human could dream of. When the leaves turn colorful in autumn and fall to the ground, the world-famous Central Park is the perfect place for lovingly prepared dinners in the open air. If you want a little higher, spend a stylish night in the countless bars and restaurants in the skyscrapers of New York, the city that never sleeps. This place offers so many opportunities for romantic moments for two and so should the love holiday as well be well planned at all other destinations before departure.
The city of Bangkok offers an exotic mix of romance, a fascinating culture, and a vibrant nightlife. Every year, this Thai megacity attracts countless tourists from all over the world and captivates with its individuality and multifaceted nature. Timelessly beautiful temples provide a view of the bygone days and the many markets invite to extended shopping trips. With a romantic boat cruise in the evening or a relaxing Thai massage, the day of your love can end perfectly.

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