Mommy-Daughter 4th of July Outfits

by katie

I typically don’t go too crazy with outfit ideas for the 4th of July because I find it kind of pointless to spend money on an outfit I’m only willing to wear once, but since my daughter is getting a little older, there’s only so much time until she’s “too cool” to get festive. This year, I didn’t want to match completely from head-to-toe, but I wanted to be somewhat ‘twinning’.

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I really love my shirt, but had to have it hemmed. Short people problems! Anyway, I found it on Amazon along our matching bow sandals. I’m in love with the cuteness of those, by the way! I thought that since everything was super girly, I’d pair everything with these scalloped shorts. They’re sort of off white, but, again it is for one day.

My daughter’s outfit is equally as girly, but I wanted to make sure that her shorts were something that she could wear after the holiday and be more of an everyday basic. They’re from Walmart and super inexpensive. I think they were $5. Her tank is from the Children’s Place and equally inexpensive although may be sold out by now. 🙁

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Check out the back of these tanks! I have a bow thing going lately and they look so cute with the bow sandals!

Shopping List:
Girl with Sparkler Tank– Children’s Place $5
Red Shorts– Walmart $4
Scalloped Shorts– Similar Here $17
Bow Sandals (girls)- Amazon $14
Bow Sandals (Women)-Amazon $20

Happy 4th of July!

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