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Locker Decor and Organizing Ideas

by The Organized Dream
Since it is almost the beginning of the new school year, I thought it would be great to share ideas on locker decor and organizers. As a mother of a junior high schooler, I know how important it is for an organized locker. Why just stop at some bins and magnets? Let’s get creative!

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1. School Locker Organizer Kit – $39.99 via Amazon

This is a pretty simple locker kit that can be used year after year because there is very little detail and it’s one basic color. How cute is the idea of a rug?!

2. 3 Shelf Hanging Locker Organizer – $26.95 via Amazon

This is one of my favorite locker storage solutions. While it doesn’t seem pretty or special to look at, everything will be in reach. I don’t know about you, but my daughter gets very little time to visit her locker.

3. Pom Pom Locker Decor Kit – $12.57 via Amazon

This seems like a pretty cool craft, right? It’s something to do and you can use this kit in your locker or to decorate a room.

4. White Locker Chandelier – $19.90 via Justice

If you want to get super fancy, here’s a chandelier! ? This pretty white chandelier is pretty reasonably priced and will add light to an otherwise dark locker so she can see what she needs.

5. Unicorn Locker Mirror – $19.90 via Justice

Unicorns are at the top of my daughter’s favorite things. She even asked for a unicorn onesie for her birthday…..? This mirror is just plain old pretty. It would look great in any girls locker even if she’s not a huge unicorn fan.

6. Locker Organizer and Lipgloss Set – $29.90 via Justice

For a two-in-one purchase, here’s the best I’ve seen. It has the trendy sequins and features a mirror and pouch for organizing anything. It also comes with three lip gloss tubes. That’s a bonus!

7. Garden Party Locker Mirror Pocket – $15.50 via PB Teens

I love this floral print. I have incorporated it into my daughter’s room decor so I thought it seemed fitting to share this print here in the post. These pocket mirrors are a great way for her to stay looking her best and organized in the process. There are other prints to choose from and the price is pretty nice!

8. Decal Picture Frames – $11.50 via PB Teens

If she loves taking photos, she’ll love these decal frames. They’re a great way to display her closest friends and decorate at the same time!

9. Locker Wallpaper – $19.99 via PB Teens

Okay, I might be going a little too over the top with this idea, but I thought it would be a great addition to the list. Locker wallpaper seems a little redundant, but it does look pretty nice, doesn’t it?

10. Metallic Locker Decal Kit – $28.34 via Home Depot

This pretty metallic kit is a little on the pricier side, but the simple pieces can be used year after year and serve a nice, basic function for everyday use.

Do you plan on decorating your child’s locker? How are you planning on keeping it organized?

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