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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Everyone in Your Life

by The Organized Dream

Valentine’s Day is almost here! With the craziness of the holidays and New Year’s, this time of year can sneak up on you. After all of the planning and gift wrapping for every relative this past year, it can be hard to think of cute gifts for everyone in your life. Here are some great gift ideas that you can get last minute for your valentine and anyone else who deserves some appreciation this Valentine’s Day!

For Mom

If you only get your mom flowers on Mother’s Day, then you should definitely get her a sweet little bouquet for Valentine’s Day! She’ll love that you thought of her, even if you’re all grown up. A bouquet of red roses is the perfect way to tell her that you love her. Show her that you appreciate all of those hard life lessons she taught you growing up! The busyness of life can get in the way of being able to see family so take this as an opportunity to slow down and show your gratitude.

For a Friend

Even friends deserve some love on Valentine’s Day! Maybe this is the friend that you didn’t get to see during the holidays and you’ve just made plans with. Consider getting them a little gift of appreciation for V-Day. Get them a face mask and a candle because you know how much they would love to relax and take a little time for themselves.

For Your Valentine

This may be the most important one that you nearly forgot! Whether you’re dating or married, a Valentine’s Day gift is essential to showing that special someone you care. It can be a great symbol in the beginning of a relationship or a little thoughtful gift while you’re married. A gift that is thoughtful, but simple is the best for your date on Valentine’s Day. Here are a couple ideas for the most important person you’ll be spending this holiday with.


Jewelry is the perfect gift for your valentine this year! They’ll love that they can wear it and be reminded of celebrating this special holiday with you. Check out the jewelry they wear most often for cool tones or warm tones so you’ll know whether to buy silver or gold. If you need some inspiration, check out online jewelers, like Blue Nile. They have a variety of jewelry like earrings and bracelets that are perfect Valentine’s Day gifts.

→Home Cooked Meal

If you’re also looking for a date idea, then this is perfect for you. For the dads out there, get a babysitter and cook her favorite meal, all without her help! Let your date sit back and relax and make something delicious. If you’re a newbie to cooking, stick to oven roasting a chicken with a pan fried vegetable of her choice. For dessert, go store bought and of course, don’t forget to pair it all with a nice bottle of wine!

→A New Experience

If you’re very spontaneous, then don’t worry about finding a gift. Try to plan an interesting experience to do together! This is a great idea for a first date or for reconnecting as a couple. Do an escape room or go to a comedy show! You know your date so if making memories is more important to them than a physical gift, then find something to do in your area.

For the Kids

The kids will be getting plenty of candy at school. Get them that cute heart themed stuffed animal they’ve been eyeing in the grocery store, so that they know this holiday isn’t just for couples. This holiday can be very stressful, but try to find gifts that are still thoughtful, even if they are simple or last minute! Even a mini stuffed animal will make their day (even after all of the valentines they received at school!)

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