Kiley’s Purple Hat: Children’s Book Review

by katie

There are so many children’s books available today. My daughter has a bunch of books and I thought I’ve seen it all, but when I was contacted to do a review on “Kiley’s Purple Hat”, I had to say yes. This book is truly unique. I’m really fond of the story’s message of spending time together with your children. Even something as simple as reading a story together can be very special and can make the best memories.

This book is about a sweet little girl named Kiley who loves being artistic. After painting a picture of herself wearing a purple hat, she asks her mother if she could make it in real life. Her mother takes her to the fabric store where she falls in love with the patterns and fabric textures. Kiley and her mother spend quality time together making something by hand. 
There is over a year invested into this project. After research, it was found that there were very few books about little girls who were striving to be artists and there were even fewer on girls of color.
~The publishers, Gabi and Fernando (Founders of OSAAT Entertainment.)
~The author of the story is Jaxon Barnes.
~The illustrator is Nathalie Beauvois.
The book is completely handmade in purple fabric with foil printing and the binding is sewn. The illustrations are gorgeous and unlike anything else seen before. It can surely become a family favorite and something parents will want to pass down to their children through the years.

The writing and illustrations are now complete and the digital version is done as well. The final step is to publish and that’s where you come in. By visiting their Kickstarter project, you can help by pledging your support. 
There are rewards offered to those who do so including posters, stickers, paint sets, copies of the book and more. There are rewards in place for those who wish to donate the book to a library in their community. You can also get custom illustrations available of your little artist with Kiley. For more information or to pledge to their cause, visit:

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Heidi's Wanderings June 29, 2014 - 12:45 pm

The book looks wonderful. And I'm going to visit their kickstarter campaign. Hope you have a great day!


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