Keep Yourself on Track with Handy Planning Apps

by katie
Planning apps come in three flavors. There are simple to-do list apps like Wunderlist, the all-singing-all-dancing note taking apps like Evernote, and project management apps like Trello. Let’s take a look a quick look at the benefits of each kind.

To-do list Apps

A to-do list app lets you make lists and set schedules for your tasks. The best apps will let you manage your lists from your phone, tablet or home computer, and depending on the list app, you can set it to synch your entries with your calendar and other productivity tools.

To-do list apps notify you when a task is due, and you can set each entry to be a one-time event, a daily event, or to recur on whatever schedule you specify.

To get the most benefit from a to-do list app, you should create more than one list! Research shows that our brains get frazzled when they face long lists, so limit your lists to seven or eight items and categorize the different activities you need to keep track of.

You could have one list for phone calls you need to make, another for errands you have to run, and so on.

Top to-do list apps include Wunderlist, and Google Keep.

Note Taking Apps
Note taking apps are awesome. You can use them to set up and manage to-do lists and you can use them to organize and keep any kind of information you like. You can snag web pages, video, music and voice recordings, you can scan your receipts and product guarantees, manage your expenses, plan a project, keep your degree course work organized—the uses for these apps is never ending.

For example, say you were taking an online master in liberal studies degree with Rutgers Online; as you’re watching a lecture, you can type up your notes in the app as you listen. Because note taking apps store your data in the cloud and syncs across your devices, you can access those class notes on your phone any time you have a few minutes spare and feel like revising.

Note taking apps let you set up notebooks so you can keep your information organized, and you can also tag each note. If you searched in the app for online MALS degree April 7, your app would show you everything you created that day and tagged with that label, giving you instant access to your notes, essay outlines and research sources related to that class.

Top note taking apps include Evernote, Microsoft OneNote and SimpleNote.

Project Management Apps

Project management apps are the perfect tool to use when you need to track of lots of different elements and work with other people to get things done.

Obviously, they’re great for use at the office, or if you work for yourself and need to organize client projects, but they can be a real help to organize personal projects, too.

If you were planning your wedding, you could keep track of every detail within the app, and you could invite everyone involved with your plans to the project board, keeping the group up-to-date and making sharing ideas and getting feedback easy.

You could add venues to check out, seating arrangements, flowers and décor ideas, guest lists, honeymoon destinations, budget plans, hotel bookings for out of town guests, etc.

Other uses for project management apps in your personal life could be for a home remodel project, tracing your family tree, or planning a vacation with your extended family.

Top apps include ASANA, Trello and Freedcamp.

There’s a small learning curve involved with all of the apps mentioned here, but the emphasis is on the small part! Once you get used to working with these tools, you’ll find you’re more organized than ever, and able to keep track of tasks, work flows, and important events with ease.

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