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Ingenious Ways to Organize and Store Washi Tape

by The Organized Dream

It can be hard organizing and storing a lot of craft supplies. Washi tape is at the top of my list. They peel, stick to other rolls (as well as other things) and they are just plain hard to store. Today I’m going to share with you a few ingenious ideas I’ve found that I would love to try in the future.

Space-Saving Ring


I’ve been following the planner community for a while and I first saw these being used by The Reset Girl in her YouTube videos. They’re a great way to organize your washi by color and/or print and also to keep them in a smaller, thinner space.
Suggestion:  AIM HOBBIES Washi Tape Storage Ring (8 inch)

Repurposing Everyday Items

There are a bunch of different things around your home you can use to organize your washi rolls that you probably haven’t even thought of. This pant hanger is one of them. How cool is this?

Suggestion: Whitmor Swing Arm Slack Hanger Chrome

 Upcycling Items


Getting creative is a great alternative. This is especially good for those trying to save some cash or don’t want to spend a lot. This washi holder was made with an old aluminum foil container. Because this is such an inexpensive idea, you can create a ton to organize a lot at one time.

Utilize an Empty Space

If you have a lot of washi…and I mean a lot…and you have a blank wall or space to use, some hooks and dowels are a great way to store, organize and display your washi tape. This idea is one of my favorites and is ideal for those with craft rooms.

Suggestion: Command Small Wire Hooks, 16-Hooks, 24 Strips (GP067-16NA) – Easy to Open Packaging

Whether you’re looking for a quick solution or a more creative, money-saving alternative, these ideas are sure to do the trick when it comes to organizing and storing one of the most versatile crafting staples like the washi roll.

Do you use washi tape in your crafts? How do you store them? Share with me below!

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Alexia Browning October 1, 2020 - 9:32 am

Oh wow, I hadn’t thought of putting them on a ring! I’ll be adding that to my wishlist (I’m currently reorganising the craft room, but its taking forever!)

The Organized Dream October 1, 2020 - 7:42 pm

It’s a really great solution especially if you organize your favorite rolls on one!

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