Ingenious DIY Car Organization Ideas

by katie

If there is one aspect of a road trip, vacation or family outing that gets unorganized at the drop of a dime, it’s the car. Things can land everywhere! By using just a few ingenious car organizing hacks, you can save yourself the headache of cleaning and reorganizing after your trip or outing.

Create a Car Kit

A car kit is a great way to keep essentials at hand. There are limitless amounts of items you can put in your kit from batteries to blankets. It’s even a good idea to have multiple car kits based on your needs. Try creating a car kit for each child. This will reduce arguing. No one needs to hear that! ?

You can also create car kits based on topics. This could range from emergency items like road flairs and a first aid kit to games and puzzles. Bins like these collapsible fabric storage boxes are not only ideal for a car kit, but their aesthetically pleasing if you need to keep them out of the trunk and in the back seat.

Use Vertical Space

Utilizing vertical space is the perfect way to keep everything neat, organized and at hand. Try using an over-the-door pocket storage system. They’re inexpensive and can hold a bunch of toys, books, disinfecting wipes, etc.

Hooks are another great way to use vertical space. They can easily be installed to hang behind a headrest and is the perfect place to store purses, bags, umbrellas and sweatshirts.

Upcycled Storage

If you’re looking for a quick trash solution, try a storage container with a pop-top lid. Plastic cereal containers are perfect and even larger disinfectant wipe containers work great. It’s also a great way to get another use out of plastic shopping bags because they’ll fit nicely inside and are easy to dispose of.

Use silicone baking cups in the cup holders to your car to avoid the buildup of dirt and make cleaning up spills a breeze. You can also reuse large canisters with a closing lid like gum dispensers and old drink mix containers to store change and other small items that you know you’ll need to corral.

Don’t Forget the Trunk!

Investing in a great storage bin for your trunk will keep all of you essentials together. You can use your car kits for this, but if you need a little extra storage or an all-in-one organizer for a road trip, something like this trunk organizer is perfect! It has enough room for storing a variety of different things and has a built-in cooler!

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