How To Save When Renovating Your Bathroom

by katie

Renovating a bathroom isn’t cheap; but, there are ways you can reduce the cost of a project. As a homeowner, if you are working on one, or a couple of bathrooms, these are some things you can do to cut back on cost, and still see the desired finish and detail.


If you don’t have to work on it, don’t. Plumbing is the costliest of all renovation jobs. So if you can keep pipes in place don’t have to change fixtures, and if pressure is fine, keep it in place. If only certain things have to be done, do them, but don’t do the rest.


With knobs, mirrors, counters, chest, and drawers, DIY. Do the job yourself. Go to a local hardware store and buy the knobs, install them yourself. Buy a vanity mirror and hang it yourself rather than hiring a contractor. Sand down a dated mirror to give a rustic look and feel to the space. Some jobs you simply can’t do, but for the ones you can, go ahead and do them yourself.

Use What is in Place

For example, with the tub and sinks, if they can simply place a cover over what is existing, this is much cheaper than brand new. Same with showers, if you can simply replace the head, but don’t work on the actual shower, go this route. You can cut back on many unnecessary costs, simply talking to and hiring an honest contractor. So take the time to find one, and learn how you can reduce overall costs on projects.

A bathroom renovation is costly; with this in mind, there are ways to save.

So before you begin the work, look for DIY jobs you can do, and make sure you know what you don’t have to do , in order to keep costs down, and still end up with the dream space you desire in your home. There are loads of helpful sites online which can help give you some estimates on the price of renovating your bathroom.

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