How to Organize Your Home Ready for Fall

by katie

It’s time to ring the changes and bid farewell to the long hot days of summer. Now fall is upon us, the bikinis and paddling pools can be packed away, and you can turn your attention to getting your home ready for the colder days ahead. This is one of the loveliest times of the year, with cooler weather making it easier to be active without suffering from heat exhaustion, and the beauty of the fall foliage to enjoy. Rather than sliding into winter without any preparation, now is an ideal time to get your home sorted out and organized so you are ready for whatever the weather brings.

Deep clean time

Fall cleaning should be just as widely acknowledged as spring cleaning, because it is a perfect counterpoint to preparing for summer. Having a thorough clean and tidy will ensure your home is hygienic and looking smart for the seasons ahead, so a deep clean should be the first consideration. If you haven’t mastered the art of making housework enjoyable, then a deep clean probably won’t sound very appealing. It can be one of those chores that you dread, only to find that the sense of satisfaction you feel from completing it outweighs the work involved. However, you don’t need to tackle everything yourself; for instance getting a professional specialist like in to deep clean the carpets will save you a great deal of time and effort and cause minimal disruption compared to doing it yourself.

Winter wear

There are all sorts of examples of clothing and footwear that will only be used in the summer and will just clutter up your closets and drawers over the winter. Pack away everything that isn’t going to be in use until next summer, like flip-flops and beach towels, making sure they’re clean and dry before putting them into storage. You might still need some of your summer related possessions, for instance, sunglasses, hats, and sun cream might all be useful if there’s a spell of bright fall sunshine. Once you’ve packed away what you won’t need, bring out your winter clothes, boots, and outerwear and give it the once-over. Coats and boots should be checked for wear and that they are still waterproof, and make sure your clothes smell fresh before putting them into your closet.

Practical preparations

Before winter sets in, make sure you have enough fuel to last you if you are dependent on oil or solid fuel. It’s a good idea to have a storage area that’s easily accessible in which to keep emergency lights in case the power goes off, and having a spare paraffin type heater will help keep you warm. Make sure you have plenty of blankets and warm clothes to hand and keep the kitchen stocked with extra food supplies of the non-perishable variety.

Preparing your home for the changing seasons will be a rewarding task that will help you make the most of the wonderful fall days to come.

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