How to Make a New House a Home in 5 Easy Steps

by The Organized Dream
Moving is such an exciting event when it’s not to another rented apartment, but to an owned house. Regardless of whether you are changing houses or moving into your very first place, the first order of business is to make it home. The sooner you can make a place feel like yours, the better. Your home needs to be your sanctuary; where you can unwind, relax, and hide away from the stresses of the world. Following this quick guide, and you’ll have your new place feeling like home in no time:

  1. Repaint
The best way to make a new house yours is to repaint it. Erase the previous owner’s choices and put up your own. Or, if you house has been newly built, get rid of the cheap builder’s paint and put up higher quality paint that feels good to the touch and can survive a child or two. The walls are the canvas of the room, so having a color scheme that suits you is the first step.

Tip: This applies to floors and to trimmings as well, if you have the budget to replace or to update them.

  1. Move In
Moving in is stressful, and is when you bring your memories from the previous house, along with endless boxes and furniture, into your new home. Moving in is when you’ll see what fits and what doesn’t. To make it feel like home faster, unpack all of your precious memories and find a place for them. Pictures of loved ones on the main hall’s walls is a great thing to come home to.

  1. Buy New Furniture
Once you’ve unpacked you’ll realize that some or all your furniture doesn’t work, fit, or there’s too many empty spaces. Very rarely do people manage to move from one home to another without eventually buying new furniture. Perhaps you’ve been carrying around your student furniture all this time, and now that you have your own place you want contemporary furniture in its place.

  1. Always Improve
Your home will never be complete. There are things out there that will make it even more perfect – you just need to find them. Keep an eye out for those perfect eclectic pieces and good deals, and soon you’ll have a carefully and longingly put together home. The time and effort it takes to do this instills a sense of pride that can’t be beat.

  1. Make New Memories
What makes a house a home are the lives of those who live in it. Only once the years have gone by will your place feel like it is yours, right down to the last nail. There will be scuff marks your father put on the wall by the door when he tripped trying to take off his shoes. There will be a wine stain on the ceiling. Whatever memories you house holds, they’ll make your place special.

Bring your outside memories in to your house. Display your achievements. Surround yourself with photos of your loved ones and of great memories, and you’ll always feel safe and at home. Making your house feel like home is not only fun to do, it’s also important. The more special your place feels, the more safe and comfortable you’ll feel in it.

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