How To Love Your Life in 2018

by katie
New year, new you! To make the most of the new year, however, you need to forget about your hastily made resolutions that you know you aren’t going to keep anyway. Instead, you need to reconfigure your life. These are resolutions that can help you immediately, and in the future. They are the acts that can turn into habits, that can then turn into a better and more content lifestyle. To start your 2018 off right, follow these steps:

1. Declutter 

Spring is not the only time that you can do with a decluttering clean. Any time of the year, in fact, is appropriate to rid yourself of items that you no longer use and ones that are just holding you back. This is especially true in smaller homes and apartments, since space is a premium. You don’t want to be bogged down with that sweater you received as a gift and have never worn, or the copious amounts of shoes that you have worn down to the sole. Declutter with vigor. That way, what stays means something to you, and you’ll have more space to grow.

2. Make It Home 

Once you have more space and your past has been donated, recycled, or thrown out, it’s time to make it home again. This is a crucial step, because how comfortable your home is can mean all the difference as to how well you cope with stress. One of the key areas to look at when making your house a home is the bedroom. If your mattress is uncomfortable, old, and difficult to sleep in, upgrade it immediately. The quality of your sleep depends on it, and how well you can combat the day depends on your quality of sleep.

3. Get Organized 

Between decluttering and recreating your home, the space itself should be well-organized, which is why the next step is to get your own life organized. It’s time to stop feeling like you are being buried under bills and social engagements and events. Download a few apps, put everything into your calendar, and start organizing your data correctly.

4. Put More Effort into Your Meals 

Food is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and it is also our main source of nutrients. Combine the need for health and delicious foods by putting more effort into your meals. There are healthy, delicious options out there, but sometimes you need to put the effort into cooking for longer. The reward, however, will be so worth it, when your life explodes with flavor.

5. Get Out More 

If you spend most of your time indoors, it’s time to get out there. Do some work at a café, go to an event, see something new, discover where you live. The more you feel connected with what is outside of your home, the better you’ll feel wherever you go.

6. Add Some Adventure 

That being said, sometimes it’s not viable to go out. Winter and rainy weather can make the indoors feel very appealing, which is why you need to add some adventure in more unique ways. One of the best and most interesting ways to do that is with a Murder Mystery subscription, where you can put your mind to the test and immerse yourself in a fun game right at home.

7. Learn Something New 

Learn how to dance, how to create a bowl, how to speak a new language, or how to do anything that you’ve always wanted to learn. There are classes no matter where you are, and learning something new. You’ll feel more fulfilled and accomplished.

8. See More of Your Friends 

Maintaining friendships can be very difficult. Your lives are so different, and it’s so much easier to hang out with those who are nearby, or who work with you. You cannot, however, let those special relationships die. You need to make dates, plan trips, and generally just stay in touch.

9. Put Wellness First 

Wellness is more than your happiness. You cannot feasibly be happy at every moment of the day, but you can be content. You can enjoy your life and your progress. Your wellness is the secret to this. It happens when you say no to spreading yourself too thin. It happens when you put yourself out there. It happens when you put yourself first. Only when you are at your best can you truly help others, after all.

10. Do What You Love 

It doesn’t matter if the job you have is what you wanted. There is so much potential for self-realization that you can do what you love regardless of what your job title is. If you haven’t made it the way you had hoped, continue to work on your passions. Further them on your own time, and once you become good enough, put your work out there. A passion can only become a career (or a second income) when you put time and effort into it. The next step after that is to build up your own following and your own fans. Once you have that, you can monetize your talents.
With the power of the internet, you can do it all. You can play it safe until you become successful enough to start working on it full time, or you can keep it as a pastime pleasure. Whatever you choose, make more time for the things you love to do this year.
No one can be happy all the time, but they can be content. A great way to keep feeling positive throughout the year is to ensure that your home, your habits, and your experiences keep your life exciting, so you have more happy moments than sad ones. The better your life is structured, the better you will be able to handle heartache, the closer you will be with your friends, and the healthier you will be. Follow these tips, and you’ll love who you are, because you have room to be yourself as you’re doing what you love.

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