How To Find the Right Hashtags To Boost Your Instagram Engagement

by katie

Instagram can either be one of the best ways to share your content or one of the worst. It’s a visual social media platform that is popular among bloggers and business owners because it showcases your products, content and projects by using pictures to convey a message, but what if your stuff isn’t being seen?

Instagram runs on hashtags to categorize and organize content. If you’re using hashtags and still aren’t getting the results you want, here are some tips to try.

The Old School Way

When you search for a specific thing on Instagram, it categorizes your search into four sections: Top, People, Tags and Places. When you click on the Tags section, it will bring you to that hashtag, show you the amount of posts for that topic and gives you the option to follow that hashtag so that new content will be put on your feed. This is a simple way to search for popular hashtags for your brand, but it is time consuming.

Besides searching for each hashtag at a time, you can also see what other people in your niche are using. While I have my own list of relevant hashtags to use, I often find other hashtags that I can add just by looking at what other people are using.

Tailwind Hashtag Finder

One of the most popular way to discover hashtags is to use the Tailwind Hashtag Finder to easily find relevant hashtags for your post. Using Tailwind not only makes it easy to find hashtags, it is also a great scheduling tool as well.

You can post to Instagram right from their website! You will also get insights on your profile’s performance including hashtag monitoring (so you’ll always be using the best and most popular hashtags) and performance stats on each post. If you’re interested in checking out this feature, visit Tailwind and start a free trial!

Leetags App

If you’re looking for a free option, you can also download apps to your phone that will generate a list of  hashtags based on a keyword search. There’s one app that I use that I found to be most helpful. The Leetags app is a great way to find a multitude of hashtags by entering in a keyword. You can then easily copy and paste them into your Instagram description.


Finding hashtags may be daunting at first because, well, there are just so damn many, but getting your list together will happen sooner than you know it. Here are some key points to take away from this post as well as a few tips I’ve learned by using Instagram for years:

  • Find and upkeep your hashtag list by regularly searching to see if they’re still popular.
  • The more popular the hashtag, the more exposure your post will get.
  • Utilize all 30 hashtags Instagram allows you to use. (Using more than 30 hashtags and Instagram removes them all when you go to post. I learned this myself.)
  • Post regularly (often daily) to remain relevant to those that find you and follow you.

Do you have any hashtag tips to share? How about any other Instagram quick tips? Share them in the comments!

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