How to Continue Crafting on Vacation

by katie
Do you love to
scrapbook, weave, knit, embroider, cross-stitch, and make quilts? If so, going
on vacation is probably a difficult time. Even though you love spending time
with your family, the thought of leaving your craft projects at home for a week
or two is difficult. The good news is that you don’t have to forgo your
favorite crafting activities when you go on vacation. Whether you are going
camping or staying at a luxury hotel (check out the for a few ideas), you can still take your craft projects with you.

Crafting Tips

Some types of crafting
are better suited to travel than others. Weaving fans will probably not want to
take a large rigid heddle loom on a flight and quilters won’t want to fill a
suitcase with their latest project. However, taking a small handloom, a sewing
bag or some knitting needles shouldn’t be an issue as long as you pack
everything up in an appropriate bag.

Travel Light

Consider your mode of
transport. Road trips are the best because you have tons of room to pack as
many bags as you can reasonably fit into the car. However, don’t go overboard.
There is always a temptation to pack everything but the kitchen sink, but this
is never a good idea. Long road trips mean overnight stays in motels and
hotels, and if you leave too much baggage in the vehicle, it immediately
becomes a target for opportunistic thieves.

Neat Packing

Pack your things in a
suitable bag. It is important to keep threads, skeins of wool and other
delicate items tidy, or you could lose some along the way. If you plan to knit,
sew, or weave on the journey, place the items you need in a separate bag so
they are easily accessible. Be very careful what you pack in your carry-on
luggage if you are flying; anything that could be construed as a weapon will
likely be confiscated by security. I’ve had nail scissors removed from my
carry-on bag before, so you can imagine that some TSA officials would get a little overexcited at the sight of
metal knitting needles!

Plan a Travel Project

Rather than taking an
existing project with you, start a new one inspired by your trip. Take
everything you need and let inspiration guide you along a new and exciting
journey. You can always pick up materials along the way if necessary, so don’t
worry too much. Most towns will have a craft store selling essential supplies
such as wool, thread, and accessories.
Small handlooms, cross-stitch, and knitting are perfect for trips away from home. It’s a great way to relieve
the boredom of a long road trip or cross-country bus ride. If weaving is your
passion, you can even make a small hand loom out ofcardboard specifically
for the trip. You can then discard it when you return home.
Enjoy your crafting
projects away from home, but remember to spend some quality time with your
family too – after all, that’s what a vacation is all about!

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