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How to Accessorize in 2020

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How to Accessorize in 2020

2020 – what a year! The world has faced one of the most challenging times in recent history as people all over the globe face lockdowns, changes to work schedules, and swapping their city-center offices to a makeshift workspace in their spare room. The Covid-19 pandemic certainly has made its mark, and society has had to adjust accordingly. 

However, despite the existential doom and gloom, it’s still important to stay positive and look after your well-being. Even if you have been stuck inside, you can still look good for yourself and for your video-calls with friends, relatives, and colleagues. Here are some great accessories to invest in for the fall season of 2020 and beyond. 

Chunky Boots

You might not be getting out as much as you used to, but as the weather turns to colder temperatures, you should invest in comfortable, warm shoes to protect your feet. If you want to do this in style, invest in a good pair of chunky heeled boots so you can look chic as you take a stroll through your local park or pop into your local grocery store for the essentials. 

Cross-body Phone Case

You may have realized this year that your phone is a lifeline for you, which is why you should protect it. One of the most effective and simple ways to do this is by getting a phone case, which will help reduce the chances of cracked screens and scratches. There are countless designs you can choose from, making it easy to style your phone the way you want. One of the more fashionable designs to appear in recent years is the cross-body phone case. You can adjust the cord to the length you prefer, and it helps you to keep your phone close at hand and safe as well as looking stylish. You can find great examples of these at

Colorful Bags

With a lot of bleak news coming across the airwaves this year, cheer yourself up by adding color to your outfits. Bags are essential accessories that can add fun and elegance to any outfit, while also serving a practical purpose, so you can never have too many in your closet. Invest in one or two multi-colored bags to help you stand out from the crowd and stay on trend in 2020. 

Statement Necklaces

A well-stocked jewelry box is yet another example of what every stylish fashion forward individual should have, and statement pieces are perfect for both formal and casual occasions. In particular this year, statement chain necklaces seem to be all the rage. These designs will work very well by dressing up a casual look if paired with a smart top, jeans, and of course, chunky boots!

Wide Waist Belts

Finally, these accessories were popular during the 00s, and appear to have made a comeback. It’s not surprising considering how much they can flatter and highlight your curves in all the right places. If you feel like your outfit is missing something, try a wide waist belt and see if it can bring everything together. 

Life has changed this year, but just because you’re not getting out as much as you used to doesn’t mean you can’t still look chic and fabulous. Invest in some or all these accessories to keep yourself on-trend. 

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