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Holding Yourself Accountable to Your Healthy Lifestyle

by The Organized Dream

As we all know, adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes
running can be truly life changing. From feeling better physically and
emotionally to sleeping better and just plain enjoying life more, the results
of adopting healthy habits are innumerable. However, sticking to a healthy
lifestyle can be challenging at times.

Whether you’re just starting out with a diet and running regimen
or you’re a longtime health and exercise devotee, we can all use a little help
from time to time. If you are looking for ways to help hold yourself
accountable when it comes to your healthy lifestyle. Read on for some expert

Fuel Your Body Properly

Without the proper fuel, it’s unlikely you’ll have the energy or
desire to exercise. Runners, in particular, need food that fuels them. A diet
chock full of leafy greens, whole grains like brown rice and quinoa, lean meats
(particularly beef, which helps with muscle recovery and contains over 20
ounces of protein per serving), eggs, nuts and fish are your best bet. And, of
course, plenty of water.
However, experts say don’t forget to make food fun and not too
redundant, or you’ll risk falling off the wagon. Making healthy versions of
favorite foods like tacos or
pizza can make you feel like you’re having a cheat day when you really aren’t.

Know Your “Why”

We all have different reasons for getting healthy. For some,
they hope to recover from or avoid illness. Others want to stay healthy for
their kids and grandkids. Others want to look better and, in turn, feel better
about themselves. Many runners set distance or race goals that they’d like to
It’s important to identify your motivation for doing what you do
so that you don’t lose sight and give up. When you have a powerful reason for
getting and staying healthy, you can more easily resist the temptation to skip
a workout or indulge in sweets.

Recover Well

Equally important as a great run or workout is recovery time. When
you allow your body the proper time to recover, you are actually helping
yourself to improve. Experts say that when you don’t adequately rest, you run
the risk of injury and exhaustion, which can wreak havoc on your healthy
A day of rest, a nap or even an “easy” run, along with warming
up and cooling down the right way, can help to repair muscles, muscle tissue
and even bones so that they are prepared for an even better performance next
time. So don’t underestimate the importance of resting.

Get a Support Team

Another tip for sticking to your healthy way of life is to
solicit a group of friends to help you stay accountable. By sharing your health
and fitness goals with a select group of people, as well as any progress you
make, you set yourself up for success (and have folks who will cheer you on).
Furthermore, if these folks share your health interests, you can set up group
runs or healthy dinner potlucks, making staying healthy more fun.

Invest in the Right Tech

Runners in the know realize that today’s tech can be incredibly
useful. Investing in 
top-of-the-line technology like the iPhone SE and accompanying Apple Watch can help you stay the course.
With a plethora of health and running apps, the iPhone SE is the
most powerful four-inch phone around. Plus, its sleek design makes it easy to
take along on a run. Likewise, the Apple Watch is convenient and practical,
with GPS performance, music capability, heart rate monitoring and app options —
ideal for those who don’t like carrying a phone while they run.

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