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Graduation Party Supplies for Grads During Quarantine

by The Organized Dream
Graduation Party Supplies for Grads During Quarantine

This year has been quite crazy. I’m sharing some great graduation party supplies for grads during quarantine to help make the day a little more special. Distance learning took over our children’s lives, proms and dances were canceled and graduations have been either postponed or canceled as well. It’s hard knowing that they can’t celebrate their achievements like they should this year, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have an awesome celebration at home.

The party supplies I’m sharing are those I chose for my daughter who was supposed to graduate 8th grade this year. While she will still be moving on to high school, all of her school celebrations have been canceled. I knew I had to do something to make it special.

Party Decorations

First, let’s start off with the decorations. I have been purchasing my party supplies from Amazon for the past few years because they have a great selection of party supply packs at great prices. I chose the 62-piece graduation party pack. It literally has everything you need to set up a party. At the time I bought it, it was $21.98! That’s a great steal!

If you’re having a party, you’re bound to have a cake. My daughter’s cake needed to have something special about it. I knew that I wanted a cake topper that would double as a keepsake so I searched Pinterest, Amazon and Etsy for the perfect one. I chose this personalized graduation cake topper from Crafala Creative on Etsy. It was decently priced at $9.28 (plus shipping).

A Fun Cake Topper

This cake topper is pretty with real gold glitter that won’t shed onto the cake. It has a gorgeous font and looks even better in person. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it is a little thin. I was under the impression that it would be slightly thicker, but it will still do the trick!


A Special Tee

The last thing I chose to buy was a graduation tee shirt for my daughter to wear. Not only would it also be a keepsake, but it something that she can wear even after the party is over. I searched all over Etsy for the perfect tee. While I did find some that I liked, I chose this one because it was had a nice design and wasn’t too expensive. I purchased this 8th grade graduation tee from Be You Apparel LLC for only $18 with free shipping!

This year has made history and our students have made history as well proving that anything is possible. They showed perseverance during distance learning and made it to the end making all of us proud.

Whether your child is graduating kindergarten, 8th grade or high school, these party supplies will not only make their day extra special but add a little bit of fun as well. I hope these graduation party supplies for grads during quarantine help inspire you to make your child’s day one to never forget!

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