Getting Your House Ready For Summer

by katie

Ah, there is nothing quite like the freshness that comes with the arrival of summer. Everything smells fresh, the outdoors are great, and spring is about time you took on the vacuum cleaner and hit the ground running-literally. You will also need to take a look at areas of the house that could do with fixes so that you can cross over to that time of the year on a clean slate.

Let’s get ready for summer together with the ideas below: 

Get Rid of the Layers

Remember all those blankets you piled on during the winter? Those need to go. Out with the heavy and stuffy, in with the light and elegant. Pack all those blankets and tuck them out of sight. After all, you might not need them again for the next many, many months. Do the same with your closet when it comes to heavy clothing you do not need. By carrying out these tasks, you get to free a lot of space for the summer.

Take Care of Your Floors and Walls

It is no longer as cold as winter, so you will also need to peel the heavy rugs from winter away from the floor. You can choose to go with a bare floor or replace that heavy rig with a very light one. Adding in a little bit of color is also a good call. There will be a lot of light entering your rooms, so dirt and stains will be a lot easier to see. To avoid the musty feel of an old building, wipe all the walls and clean your carpets.

Carry Out Some Repairs and Replacements 

Your attic, basement, walkway and porch will look horrible before summer, so get them ready. Do some basic repair work and replace bulbs, tiles and railing or even clear or replace your guttering. There are loads of jobs which will need to be done before summer.

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