Friday Favorites: Kitchen Inspirations

by katie

It’s the end of February and it’s the end of my month long inspiration Friday Favorites. This week, I wanted to share some great ideas I had to incorporate into my kitchen. I’m not looking to paint the cabinets or update the furniture. It’s just basic accessories here. Enjoy!

FF: Kitchen Inspirations

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Red and black are the key colors here because my kitchen is so bright, I can pull it off. What I want to do? Let’s see what I’m thinking.

I like these funky printables. They’re cute and whimsy. I like the fact that they are in a chalkboard style so they’re modern, too!


I like a little farmhouse. Not a lot. A little. I like some of the designs and styles. This site here features a lot of what I like. Think you will too? Check them out.

Farmhouse Favorites: Our most beloved rustic designs. Shop Now at!:


I really like the fork and spoon look. I like the EAT word also. I want to eventually figure out a great gallery wall look because I have a big wall to cover.

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Fork and Spoon Kitchen Decor / Red EAT Sign / Wall by ShabbyAnchor:

My sister has this dishware set and I like to colors. They’re pretty durable, too. She’s had hers for a while.

i have these. they are the start to my black and red kitchen:

I like the look of this clock, but not enough to pay $94. Maybe I can find one that is similar and cheaper.

For my french themed kitchen? I think yes!:

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