Friday Favorites: Bathing Suit Wishlist

by katie

It is almost bathing suit season…for most of us anyway and since it’s been about a month without doing a Friday Favorites, I figured I’d just share some of my favorite bathing suit styles.

FF: Bathing Suits

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I really like this style. It’s pretty yet sporty.

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{source: Gypsy Lovin Light}


Although the tan lines from this bathing suit wouldn’t be the most flattering, I really like this style because it’s sexy without showing absolutely everything.

Cupshe Sweet Candy Cross Hipster Bikini


I love this tribal print bikini. The cover up is awesome too!

We've got you covered—but not too covered. Only $18.99 Now can give you a hit on the cool beach with Cupshe Look Right Through Beach Cover-up. More heated ones picked up at !:

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When I first saw this style, I really didn’t like it. I grew kind of fond of it after seeing it almost everywhere. I really like this color, too!

SkinnyMe Tea // Do you want this body? Work towards your bikini body in just 6 weeks with our SkinnyMe Detox Program! Click to get 10% off, use 'Pinterest10' at checkout!:
{source: Skinny Me Tea}


This is probably the prettiest one I’ve seen in a while. I really love the lace detail on the back of the top and along the sides of the bottom.

L*Space Wild Child Top - Mint and Lace Mint Boho Bottom.Imagine this beautiful sundancebeach bikini on a tan skin. Organic Sunless tanner. Get it
{source: My Skin’s Friend}

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