Fresh Faced Makeup Tips

by katie

Let’s face it, there’s time where we don’t get enough sleep. For some of us, it’s a regular thing. We’re constantly busy with work, kids and other responsibilities that either keep us up at night or keep us up late.  Here’s a make up tips to get you fresh faced in no time!

Brighten Up

Start with a gentle face scrub. The feeling of buffing will clear away dead skin cells which will automatically make you look healthier. It will also awaken your senses. After the face scrub, try  a peptide-enriched serum to plump your skin.


Lessen the effects of puffiness with a quick facial massage. You can do this yourself by rubbing your face. It will increase blood flow and helps improve circulation. This will help flush out excess fluids so you won’t look as puffy.

Simply press your fingers between your brows and slide them up your forehead. Do this a few times. After that, use your fingertips to massage from the center of your face, over your cheeks and move toward your ears. Repeat at your jawline.

Enhance Not Cover

If you’re tired, and you look it, you’re most likely going to pile on the makeup. Instead, enhance your features. Use a tinted moisturizer. Your best bet is to use one that has light-reflecting particles because this will add a sheen to your face and make you look more alive.

Instead of using a highlighter, try a light-catching balm onto your cheekbones. Doing this will brighten your skin without settling into lines and pores.

Using these tips will help you look and feel better. Because these are so simple, they can be used everyday!

Is there anything that you do before bed or when you wake up to make you look less tired? Share in the comments! Don’t forget to follow along on on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest!

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