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Five Steps to Fighting Fatigue

by The Organized Dream
Feeling over-tired can be one of the most disruptive of maladies. Fatigue can prevent you from working to your full potential in your job, while at home it may restrict your social life, your creative side, or simply your leisure time that youd rather be full of beans to enjoy. It can be a hopeless feeling, but thankfully there are ways in which you can seize the initiative and fight your high levels of fatigue head-on, ensuring that youre able to emerge from your period of tiredness with a new gusto, making the most of every day.
Monitor Your Sleep
Fatigue is not always related to the length, quality and regularity of your sleeping pattern, but its where most people should begin when considering what might be the root of the problem. Plenty of people fail to get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep each night – whether that be because of a new-born interrupting their sleep, or late nights partying with friends – and while youre able to solider on without adequate sleep for quite some time, it will eventually catch up with you.
Deeply consider whether youve been sleeping well, and the reasons you may not have been getting your full sleep each night. Do everything you can, if you believe fatigue is beginning to be a burden in your life, to reduce the impact your lifestyle on your sleeping pattern, and to make regular the times at which you go to bed and wake up. This gives your body clock a routine to follow, which means youll be prepared to sleep and ready to wake up according to the schedule you train it to. Never undervalue the importance of a quality sleep, and do everything you can to secure it.
Enhance Your Sleep
As well as ensuring youre in bed at the right time, having given yourself 8 hours until your alarm sounds during which to rest, recuperate, and slumber, you should also take a number of steps to secure the best sleeping environment. This is achieved through sleep-enhancement techniques, like the use of black-out blinds or curtains or the removal of all screens (television, phone, laptop and tablet) from your bedroom so that their light does not train your brain to think that its still day outside. If you take your sleep seriously, your bedroom should be the perfect environment for you to sleep in.
Other steps will vary from person to person. Some like to burn candles and incense just before sleeping to induce a meditative state, while others prefer to play soft piano music or sounds of the sea lapping at a shore. Some might choose to invest in heated sheets, or to buy new, more comfortable bedding. Your sleep is an incredibly valuable asset – its the basis of a full, productive and happy life – so you should be comfortable investing in the tools thatll help you sleep better.
Seek Medical Advice
Anyone who has spent long periods fatigued will know that its a serious health problem and can, indeed, lead to a number of other physical and mental health illnesses. Its therefore an appropriate step to visit your doctor when you recognize that sleeplessness or fatigue are becoming problems for you. The doctor will be able to give you advice such as that given above, while also potentially prescribing you some strong sleeping pills that could serve to kickstart a more appropriate sleeping pattern for you. He or she will have a number of different aspects of your life to consider before giving you the most learned of advice.
Despite the reliability of doctorsadvice, they are so frequently asked to help with sleep and fatigue-related problems that they might find it hard to direct you to the correct treatment, instead offering you some generic advice that, while helpful, may not get to the root of the problem. It may, in this case, be advisable to visit specialist doctors wholl prescribe and treat fatigue with the naturally-occurring hormones that your body may be experiencing an imbalance in, which affects sleep and energy levels. You can read more here about treatments such as this.
Alter Diet and Exercise
Two of the fundamental building blocks to a healthy life are a balanced diet and a regular exercise regime. Without these two pillars of health, you may find that other areas of your life begins to waver, with poor sleep and low energy levels being one of the foremost side-effects that arise when a good diet and exercise are lacking in an individuals life. Making changes to these two areas can make a huge difference to fatigue in a short space of time and is worth investing your time and energy in.
For instance, you should start looking at your calorie intake, balancing the energy you put into your body with that which you burn on a normal day. It might be that youre eating too few calories, entailing a burn-out, or too many, which will mean youre putting on fat. Avoiding heavy carbohydrate meals will ensure youre not over-feeding to the point of slumber. Exercise can be a revitalizing method of energizing ones life while simultaneously preparing the body for sleep; fatigued individuals should try to exercise daily to assist with their sleep.
Accept a Fluctuation
Though all of the advice above is recommended for those suffering from fatigue, its important to add that natural fluctuations to occur in life, especially following major life events like the birth of a child or the loss of a loved one. Sometimes simply accepting that for the next while well be a little underperforming can remove the stress and guilt of sleeplessness and fatigue without normalizing your condition. If you can see a life event thats possibly caused you to feel fatigued – physically, mentally or emotionally – you may want to see a therapist in order to talk things through, thus lifting a weight thats been dragging you down towards fatigue and unproductiveness.
Fatigue is disruptive and unwelcome, especially when it makes us perform well beneath our best. By following these five tips, youll be able to take control of your tiredness, planning your route to a more energized and fulfilled life inside and out of work.

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