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Fall Home Decor Crafts to Make Now

by The Organized Dream

Fall is a great time to get crafty because the weather starts to get chilly and staying inside sometimes feels like the best thing to do. This post is going to feature five great fall decor crafts that you can do on the weekend or as a quick weeknight project.

Each craft is made with products from Oriental Trading. Surprised? Don’t be! They have a great selection of fall home decor and craft items. Each craft was made with these items and you can find them to create your own crafts using the links provided.  

Farmhouse BoHo Bead Loop

I’ve seen these all over Pinterest and Instagram. These wood bead loops and wood bead garland are rapidly starting to become a farmhouse decor staple. 
To make this wood bead loop, all you will need are wooden beads, jute twine, scissors and about 20 minutes. String about 14 wooden beads. Gather both ends of the twine together and string an additional 4-5 beads depending on how long you want it to be. I’ve accented the jug with a bundle of twigs I found on Oriental Trading as well.

Modern Farmhouse Pumpkins

These are another popular farmhouse trend for fall. I’ve seen most people use teal and pale blues, but I’ve opted to make them a little jazzier by throwing some mint into the mix.
To make these pretty pumpkins, you will need this DIY decorative pumpkin set, green, white and gold craft paint, a couple paint brushes and about a half hour. I mixed some green and white paint to create the darker hue in the smallest pumpkin. On another tray I mixed the same two colors but with more white to get the medium pumpkin’s shade and left the largest pumpkin plain white. After they were dry, I painted the stems gold. I placed them all on this small basswood wood plank with bark.

Burlap Pumpkin Garland

It’s a great take on the regular banners and garland you see and will look great in virtually any spot. Because my air conditioner is still in the window, I opted to put it on my entertainment center for now. It will be in my window soon!
To make this pretty garland, all you will need are burlap pumpkins, thick jute twine and a needle and thread. I used the needle to thread some string through the top of the burlap pumpkins. I tied the thread to the jute and spaced them equally. You can do this with a glue gun, but I like the option of being able to slide the pumpkins further or closer together.

Wood Slice Candle Holders

I really love the rustic look of this idea and it’s pretty darn simple if you’re using battery operated candles.
All you will need are wood slices and candles or decorative accents. The trick is to make sure that they stack level so it may take a little finessing, but they add a woodland look that I love while staying neutral.

Cotton Boll Wreath

I really love the look of cotton bolls. They’re probably my favorite farmhouse decor piece. While buying a wreath like this is pretty common, You can’t beat the $14.99 price tag of this garland. It will look great when placed over a traditional tobacco basket.
All you will need for this project is a cotton plant garland and floral tape. You can use floral wire if you want. Simply wrap the garland into a circle. Play with the bolls a bit to get the right shape and size. Make sure to spread them out and fill in any bare spots. They’re surprisingly bendable! That’s a plus!
*Products featured in this post were provided by Oriental Trading in exchange for this blog post. All opinions about these products are my own.

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