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Easy Ways to Organize Your Pantry

by The Organized Dream
When it comes to managing your time and staying on schedule, technology can be your best friend or 
your worst enemy. Your smartphone lets you interact with an entire world with the press of a button — 
don’t waste that capability on cute animal videos. You have work to do!

Repeating Alarm

First, set recurring alarms. While you can use this feature to help you get up in the morning, it can also 
do much more. Set an alarm with the time you need to leave for work or a time when you need to start 
breakfast before you have to plan on grabbing something to go. Sometimes, having the reminder of an 
alarm can help keep you on track.

Parent Yourself

Your phone can help you own your morning with parental controls too. How many times have you lost 
track of time connecting with friends on social media, scrolling through Instagram, or following the 
latest Twitter rant? Prevent the time-suck from happening by turning on parental controls to block 
certain apps or websites. This way, you can focus on checking work emails or working on your project 
without getting social media notifications or being tempted to scroll.

To-Do List

Another action that helps many people is to create a to-do list the night before. This could be as simple 
as writing down three or four things you want to do first thing the next day before you leave the office 
or go to bed. Whether you need to follow up with someone, remember to bring gym clothes, or stop 
somewhere on the way to work, having your objectives all listed out can be a big help. If you use a 
service like Siri, the process is streamlined because all you have to do is ask Siri to set a reminder for 
each activity on your mind.

Smart Reminders

You can also set smart reminders. Ask Siri to remind you to do something at a specific time (e.g. 
Remind me to call Tabitha around 6) or create a reminder that is location-based. This way, you can have 
Siri remind you to follow up with Paul when you get to work or pick up dog food on your way home. 
When your geographic location matches your command, you will get a reminder notification.

General Reminders

Siri can also remind you of content. Let’s say you come across an article or an email you want to  
prioritize for later on your iPhone 8 Plus. All you have to do is say, “Siri, remind me of THIS later.” 
You’ll get a reminder with a link to the app you were using and the specific content. It is very easy and 
very helpful. You don’t have to be specific. Just say, “THIS” and Siri will know you mean what is on 
your screen.

Before You Go

Siri can also help make your mornings easier by telling what the traffic is like on your route to work or 
tell you the top news stories while you brush your teeth. Siri will read you a news digest that is less than 
seven minutes long and includes headlines from news outlets as diverse as NPR and ESPN, the 
Washington Post and Fox News. Just ask.
Learn to own your unpredictable mornings by turning your smartphone into a time management 
machine — it’s worth every penny.

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