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Easy Ways to Get Organized for Winter

by The Organized Dream
Winter can be a stressful and unsettling time of year, even if you are the most organized of individuals. Seasonal changes, increased bugs and colds, and the thought of sharing your house with your extended family over the holiday period might be enough to bring you out in a sweat. However, what if you could get organized and be prepared to take everything in your stride this year? From stocking up your fridge with family favorites to even taking some time out for you, with a bit of careful planning and preparation you can get organized this winter. Read on to find out how.

Cook in Advance

All those friends who call by, long-lazy lunches and family gatherings can be expensive and time consuming to prepare for. That said, the winter is the ideal season if you love cooking and spending time in the kitchen, thanks to the huge variety of seasonal recipes that you can enjoy and prepare in advance. Pumpkin bread, pot roasts and stews only take a short amount of preparation time and are cooked with minimal effort, but are impressive enough to whip out of the freezer to defrost for any occasion. Chances are high that even the most critical of eaters won’t know that you cooked your dish a few weeks previously. So, if you are looking to reduce your stress levels, and enjoy spending more time in the living room, rather than slaving over a hot stove, then start your cooking now so you can truly kick back and relax.

Book a Winter Health Check

Not only does your immune system take a beating over the winter months, but all that rich and calorie-laden food can be damaging for your waistline and cholesterol levels too. It’s worth booking in for a winter health check, even if you think that you are in the best possible shape. Make sure that you also take time to ensure that your sexual health is the best that it possibly can be too. Even if you have been in a long-term relationship, it’s worth making sure that you check your sexual health. Companies such as saferstdtesting offer a range of options to suit you and your lifestyle. There’s no excuse not to book in for a health check.

If you are organized, you can even start by making a few changes to your diet and lifestyle at home, such as incorporating lots of leafy, seasonal greens into your soups and smoothies, and making sure that you enjoy alcohol or that extra slice of pumpkin pie in moderation. While many of us embrace the winter a little too much, it’s important to remember that you will be working off those extra kilos in spring – if you aren’t careful. With so many extra bugs and seasonal germs around, it’s essential that you keep yourself in the best possible shape this winter.

Take Time Out for You

Family visits, screaming kids and long, dark nights can wear us all down, even at the best of times. So, what if you could get organized and make sure that you can still allow yourself some much-needed down time? If you struggle managing childcare with your career, why not have a chat with your partner to see if you can better share the load? Check in to see what activities or relaxation classes are on offer in your local area, to ensure that you get out of the house and break your routine. If you truly are a super Mom, or can’t possibly get away, then there is a whole range of Mindfulness and Yoga Apps available for download, meaning that you can workout from the comfort of your own home.

If you are more of a gym goer, then you could even consider trialing a different class or exercise routine this winter. Cold, snowy landscapes provide a great backdrop for a workout or jog with family or friends. You may even discover a newfound passion for your winter workout, and decide to follow it through for the rest of the year! Yes, it might be a tough season but don’t let the winter impact any valuable downtime for you. From sports, to yoga, local voluntary work or even painting, make sure you get organized and schedule in routine breaks during the entire season – your body and mind will thank you for it.

Stress Less

We can all try to be organized, but sometimes things just don’t go to plan. Cold weather fronts can cause delays to your travel plans, all that time cooped up in the house can often provoke arguments and disagreements, not to mention colds and coughs which sometimes arise – even if you have been taking your vitamins. Stress has an incredibly damaging and dangerous effect on your health. So why let it get the better of you? Try and stress less.  All too often the holidays become a time for performance – you feel that you have to jump through certain hoops to be a good wife, hostess or Mom. So this winter, make sure that you give yourself realistic limits and stay within them.

The most important aspect of the holidays, which is often forgotten, is in fact the more spiritual side of this season: giving to those in need, spending time with your loved ones and sharing some goodwill. If your visitors aren’t criticizing your culinary skills, then neither should you. Make sure that you cut yourself some slack this winter – or else you could be burnt out by the spring.

Getting organized for winter is easy if you know where to start. Remember that no matter the changes you make to your health, cookery or exercise regime, your family and friends will want to make sure that you enjoy yourself too. So, don’t be a scrooge and let stress or slight changes of plan get you down! Get organized and enjoy the best of what the winter season throws your way, and take time to make some lasting memories with your nearest and dearest – you will enjoy these for years to come.

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