Easy Junk Drawer Organization

by katie
We all have one even though it’s not something a lot of us would like to admit. We collect everything from rubber bands to batteries we’re not sure even work anymore, but the one thing our junk drawers don’t have to be is a hot mess. You can still have the random stuff, but in neater order.

I have 5 solutions for you to use to corral all that stuff and make it look…well….less like junk.

Drawer Organizers

Get yourself some drawer organizers. They come in all shapes and sizes and are the number one way to separate and organize random items. 

Paper Chaser

Use a spare pouch or pencil case to hold receipts, papers and anything else you have laying around in your drawer you need to hold on to. You can even use one of those accordion folders and also save your coupons there at the same time.

Party Box

Store anything party related such as candles or balloons in a small tray or box to keep handy the next time a birthday rolls around.

Handy Section

There are things in my junk drawer that I use fairly often. I keep those items right in the front so I can snatch them up without having to dig around…although organizing this drawer is going to stop that from happening anyway. Doing this will prevent this section from becoming a catchall for everything and anything again.


It’s good to keep an area of your drawer for misshapen items like scissors, tape or anything you know you’ll need to keep in there.

If you really want to get fancy, you can make your own storage containers for your drawer with cardboard cereal boxes and jazz them up with patterned duct tape or wrapping paper. I’ve done this before and it is has worked out well. 

If you’re not the handy type, check below for some great and inexpensive ideas!

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