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DIY Thrift Store Farmhouse Sign Makeover

by The Organized Dream

I love, love, love those rustic farmhouse signs with the stained wood frames. They’re so crisp, clean and go with everything! What I don’t like about them? The price! I know that a lot of people hand make these signs and that is where you’re going to find the big price tags, but why, oh why do they have be be so pricey in stores?

My solution? A DIY sign from a thrift store find!

I found this rather tacky beach sign and thought it would be great to makeover because it had the rectangular shape I was looking for and was a pretty good size. I snatched it up for a whole $3 and tackled my craft paint stash to get to painting.

I first painted the inside of the sign white. Two coats seemed to do the trick.

After that dried for a few minutes, I used my own little mixture to create a nice rich brown color. I painted the frame with this and right before it was dry, I added my next coat. This sign isn’t made out of real wood so I wanted to create my own wood grain by dragging the brush over the first coat that was still a little tacky. It worked like a charm!

What took the most time was to figure out exactly what I wanted it to say. I consulted my good ole’ Facebook farmhouse groups for inspiration and I ultimately came up with ‘Stay Awhile’ because it seemed like a great little saying that I could use in any room of my home.

I went digging though my font selection on my computer and opened up Paint. I typed out the words, flipped them so they faced the opposite way and got to tracing.

You can find out exactly how I did this lettering by checking out my DIY Christmas Stocking Holder post.

After I transferred the words, I outlined them and filled them in. I hand drew the lines that connected the words to the edges and exaggerated the ‘Y’ so it was closer to ‘Awhile’ because, like in most DIY projects, I made a boo boo and didn’t put the words close enough together. Whoops!

I think that it came out pretty swell and plan on putting my new farmhouse sign in my kitchen gallery wall I’m planning.

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