DIY Refrigerator Command Center

by katie
Hey! What’s going on, guys? Today, I have a blog post for you that I created myself for the front of my refrigerator. If you’re like me, you have oodles of things you need to jot down for the week or month or day or for your up-coming shopping trip. It’s pretty endless at times, right? Well, after my daughter started bringing home tons of art work, school activities and field trip notices from school, I knew it was time to reevaluate how I organized it all. I know that some people utilize wall space for a command center, but I always liked to utilize the fridge and here’s what I came up with.

The main thing I wanted to eliminate was the paper hoard. Hanging up all of the school papers and other notices was just too much and made my fridge look sloppy. I hate sloppy. First, I devised a way to create my own dry erase calendar. I simply used a picture frame (8×10). I bought a student calendar and simply remove the month and insert a new one. I tried to find a universal calendar where I could write in the month, but this works just fine. I write birthdays, events, appointments and more with a dry erase marker. Easy-peasy.

The next thing I knew I was going to need was something to hold pens and a pad to write down lists of items for food shopping, etc. I found this pen/pencil holder and this note pad at the dollar store for a buck each.
I had some random space so I added a picture of my daughter in black and white to keep with the colors of my theme here. The black dots are magnets for those “need to keep” papers.
In reach, is my daughter’s chore chart. She crosses off what she has done and earns an allowance at the end of the week. This one I found at my grocery store, of all places, on clearance for $4. 🙂 A steal and I didn’t have to make one myself which saved a lot of time.
 What do you use to de-clutter? I would love to know.

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