DIY No Sew Muslin Curtains

by katie
I was looking and looking for the perfect curtains for my kitchen windows and came up with nothing that I absolutely loved. I then thought that I could make my own and really didn’t want to spend a boat-load of time behind a sewing machine. Then I came up with the idea to create muslin curtains the no-sew way!

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I couldn’t believe how easy it was to actually make my own curtains without a sewing machine. It literally took about 45 minutes to cut and hem my muslin fabric. Here is how I did it!

What you will need:

Muslin (Sized to fit your window.)
A Clothing Iron
Iron On Hem Tape
Drapery Clips (Amount and size needed is based on the size of your window.)

What you’ll need to do:

Cut your fabric to fit your window with enough left over to fold at the top. I left about 10 inches. You can do more or less if you’d like. It’s all based on your preference. Make sure you’re cutting straight. This will ensure a speedy process.

Heat up your iron and add water for steam in accordance with the hem tape package directions.

I made the hem width the same as the tape so that I knew it would be even and I wouldn’t have to keep checking the hem to make sure it was straight.

I followed the directions on the hem tape package and quickly zoomed through both curtain panels. I then hung the panels with the drapery clips and my curtains were complete!

It was so easy and I love the way they look. They give me the look of using drop cloth fabric without the heaviness. It also didn’t cost me a ton either. For this whole project I think I only spent about $15. Of course, yoru cost will be based on how much fabric and how many clips you need to purchase for your windows

You can find links to everything I bought above. I hope you have fun creating your own!

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