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DIY Gift Wrap Ideas for Gifts Great and Small

by The Organized Dream
DIY Gift Wrap Ideas for Gifts Great and Small

If you have spent a long time selecting an absolutely perfect gift, you can make it that little bit extra special by creating the wrapping yourself! The other great thing about homemade gift wrap is that you can use recyclable materials. A lot of store-bought gift wrap is coated in plastic, which means that it can’t be recycled, and it won’t biodegrade. Making it yourself, you can choose to reuse materials from around the house or decorate recyclable brown paper. 

DIY Stamp Rollers

Creating your own DIY stamp roller will give you the perfect tool to decorate multiple cards and gifts with perfect wintery scenes, without spending lots of time painstakingly drawing each one!

To make yourself a stamp roller you simply cut the craft foam into the shapes you want, different sized trees look particularly good and then stick them to the lint roller. You can then roll the roller in ink in your choice of color, green is great for a Christmas tree vibe, and then use the roller to decorate brown paper gift wrap, tags, and cards.

Simple and incredibly effective, this will bring something personal to your gift-giving.

Potato Stamps

Similar to the DIY stamp roller, potato stamps are a great way to make your gifts look unique. The benefit of potato stamps is that it is a fun activity to do if you have children, and all you need is a potato and knife to cut the shapes out.

Potatoes are so cheap that it allows you to come up with lots of designs that are relevant to the gift you are giving or the person you are giving the gift to. For example, if you decided to gift a holiday donation, then you could decorate the card with a stamp design that is relevant to the charity that you have donated to. Or if you decided to gift someone gig tickets, you could stamp musical notes.

Upcycled Newspapers, Maps and Packaging

This idea is wonderful because it allows you to make use of things around the house that would have been thrown away otherwise. Simply take your old newspapers, maps or any packaging with a quirky design and use an iron to flatten them out. You might want to place a towel in between the paper and the iron to prevent anything from burning. Then you can either use them as wrapping paper as they are or combine different papers together to create different textures and patterns.


Furoshiki is the ancient Japanese art of fabric origami as gift wrap. You can make the fabric part of the gift by wrapping it in a scarf or in a set of new dish towels, and the great thing is that it is washable and reusable.

Paint Can Gift Wrap

If you have old paint cans cluttering up the garage, you can clean them up and paint them in festive colors to make great durable gift tins!

DIY Gift Wrap Ideas for Gifts Great and Small

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